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Top 5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Quilted Vest in the Office and at Home 

Top 5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Quilted Vest in the Office and at Home

A quilted vest is among the most practical pieces of apparel in your closet to wear in the fall, spring, and winter. It complements practically any casual attire well. Sometimes you may feel a little chilly, and it will provide just enough warmth to keep you comfortable.

Unless it is freezing outside, refrain from heavy layering. Instead of donning a heavy coat, layer a quilted vest on a sweater or shirt. Here are some of the best ways to style your quilted vest whether you are going to the office or are at home.

Why a Quilted Vest?

The quilted vest is becoming more and more essential in today’s less formal setting. It has even replaced the sport coat or suit jacket in several workplaces. Its front pockets make it simple to carry smartphones and warm hands, and its zipper attachment makes it adjustable for fitting.

The quilted vest’s insulation capabilities make it a helpful additional layer for the coldest winter days. With its low density, you can wear it as outerwear throughout the early spring, fall, and other transitional months. Because of its wide range of applications, the quilted vest blends with your professional and casual attire.

How to Wear a Quilted Vest With Style

The following are some of our best ways to wear a quilted vest:

On Top of a Shirt

This style is only appropriate within a brief window, typically just before the fall dawn, when temperatures are still moderate. It lasts for a short while before the cold sets in. You may try a bunch with various designs and color combinations.

You do not always have to wear your quilted vest over a solid color shirt. Striped shirts look great with quilted vests, especially white shirts with black or navy blue striping. It also looks just as good layered over a dress shirt and slacks. As a casual sport coat substitute, start with a crisp collar shirt and a pair of chinos to establish a formal-casual look.

Between a Dress Shirt and a Blazer

You can have a quilted vest between the dress shirt and suit jacket to provide a little insulating layer. This applies even when the weather is chilly to warrant an additional layer, or warm enough for a suit without a blazer. As the third layer in three-layer attire, unstructured blazers look fantastic. This style perfectly suits whatever occasion you can shed the top layer, including church and family dinners.

Over a Quarter-Zip

This style makes a perfect smart-casual ensemble. Most quarter-zips are thin and provide a good fit, which makes them look incredible beneath a quilted vest. Maintain a firm quarter-zip, and have fun with the shirt below. Three consecutive solids aren’t usually sufficient. Thus, consider a patterned shirt where only the collars will be visible and serve as a highlight to the entire ensemble.

Under a Shacket or a Heavy Coat

This outfit is unquestionably more winter-appropriate. The vest breaks up the weight, tone, and fabric of your clothing while adding aesthetic appeal. Choose a different vest shade from that of your go-to winter coat.

A shacket is a shirt-jacket; sometimes called a work shirt and chore coat. With your quilted vest under it, you can transform the vest into a rugged gem. Although it leans more casually, this is a perfect way to give your manly look a touch of refinement.

With a Tie

Quilted vests go well with professional attire. Pair your quilted vest with an Oxford shirt, a modern slim-fit shirt, and a tie when you want to stay toasty on the work commute without sacrificing formality. If you are wearing a solid-colored shirt, go for a patterned tie to shake up the monotony and direct attention from the body to the head.

Consider a zip-up vest. It lets you decide how much of your tie to reveal, and you won’t have to stress over the perfect tie length. Shine up with fashionable men’s apparel, like knitted monochrome gloves.

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