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Business Casual Jeans

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Business Casual Jeans for Professional Class and Comfort

Today’s business casual environment now welcomes jeans, but they can still be a social faux pas if not worn correctly. Jeans that look nice made from quality materials don’t break the mold in business casual wear. Instead, they complement traditional business casual wear by adhering to the same level of professionalism. 

The reasons for the lower formality in business casual garments are largely societal. People want work-life balance and comfort in the workplace. They see business suits and trousers as necessary and sometimes preferred, but jeans are acceptable as well if they are workplace appropriate. 

At Family Britches, we see business casual jeans as a crucial offering in our professional pants selection. It allows us to meet our customers’ needs in response to loosening business casual “rules” while still maintaining an elevated appearance.

Are Jeans Business Casual? 

The line has been blurred between professional attire and everyday clothing. Business casual wear can now include jeans, but not all jeans can be business casual. Navigate this changing clothing climate with careful attention to appropriateness.

Ask yourself questions about the business setting you will be attending. What is appropriate for this particular event? Who are the attendees, and what image do you want to create? The answers will dictate whether you can wear jeans in the professional setting. 

What Features Make Jeans Business Casual?

Once you have determined that jeans are an acceptable option, consider the fit, color, fabric, style, and overall appearance of the jeans you choose: 

  • Fit: Make sure your jeans are complementary to your body shape. They should not be too tight or too loose. Well-fitted jeans or a relaxed fit is better than a loose fit or skinny jeans. There are exceptions to all of these statements, as skinny jeans can look quite professional if paired with the correct shirt and shoes. 
  • Color: While denim can be dyed any color, most jeans are blue or black. Blue might be more acceptable during the day, while black or anthracite is often better for night or the fall and winter season. Black can also be more formal than blue jeans. It depends on the event and the jeans. 
  • Fabric:  Today’s jeans come in a range of fabric types from raw denim to soft tencel denim. While rough denim can hold a fresh-pressed look, softer denim choices like tencel denim look more like trousers and are often more suitable for business casual looks. 
  • Style: Generally speaking, jeans should not be distressed with holes or tears even if they are designed for the distressed look. Much like traditional business casual wear, jeans worn to work or business meetings should be neat and untorn. Pants with holes or frays are better suited for casual settings. 
  • Overall appearance: Business casual jeans should look professional. This was once an oxymoron and impossible to achieve, but today’s jeans are not the rough and tough Levis 501s of the past. The overall appearance of your jeans should fit in with traditional business casual attire. 

Jeans Are Business in the New Work Culture

Work culture has evolved over time to embrace the individual more than hierarchical standards. While jeans are acceptable, your attire is still a big indicator of your value. If you are going to wear business casual jeans, they need to communicate that value. 

How Nice Must My Business Casual Jeans Be? 

Your business casual wear sends a message about you and your work ethic. Elevating your business casual look with appropriate denim as opposed to worn, wrinkled, or ill-fitting denim exudes a level of professionalism that can have a positive impact in the work environment. Your jeans don’t have to be spendy, but budget jeans are often made from cheap-looking material. 

Navigating Business Casual Jeans Blunders

Allowing for business casual jeans is not promoting a jeans-and-t-shirt look. You should not look like you could just as easily be mowing the lawn when you pick out your jeans to wear in the professional setting. Instead, be mindful of your jeans and how they pair with your top, footwear, and accessories. 

What to Wear With Business Casual Jeans

The right top, such as an ironed button-up or polo shirt elevates your jeans to business casual status. Avoid flip-flops or casual sneakers, but a clean canvas sneaker or leather upper qualifies as business casual. Finally, accessorize with quality belts, eye-catching watches, or subtle jewelry. These extra efforts go a long way toward making your jeans appropriate for business wear. 

Evolving Societal Norms Are Jeans-Friendly

Business casual jeans are a symbol of new societal norms. People are allowed to express their style without having to conform to strict rules about formality. Your jeans can send a message that you embrace personal style while also conveying your seriousness and professionalism. You must make sure that you don’t go too casual, but a nice pair of jeans at a business casual meeting can convey that you are confident and stylish. When appropriate, jeans can be the perfect business casual attire. 

Experience the look and feel of business casual jeans at your next event. View our denim options at Family Britches today.