Custom Tailored Clothing

Make a lasting impression with custom tailored clothing by the old world craftsmen at Family Britches. From designer men’s suits to sport coats to slacks, our exceptional men’s custom tailors deliver the best fit you have ever enjoyed.

Our tailors, Albert Tedesco and Munzer Ezeizat, are truly old world craftsmen.  They began learning their craft as apprentices when they were very young, honing their expertise in custom tailored clothing over years of training and experience.

They provide exceptional hand tailoring and make sure our customers are very satisfied with the final results.

Whether it is custom tailored men’s suits, sport jackets or nearly any other garment imaginable, a custom tailoring service follows a specific process.  First, our tailors will take meticulous and precise measurements and ask a customer’s preferences to ensure the desired outcome.  With that information on hand, our tailors will then hand-tailor and stitch each garment to the customer’s unique physique and preferences.

Beyond just being a men’s custom tailor, Munzer and Albert pride themselves on on satisfying each individual with the right alterations. Customers return each season to renew their relationship with them and seek their advice and expertise.

Whether you want to select from our hanging stock or design a garment from scratch, our staff has the expertise to guide through the process of measurements, selecting the right fabric, linings, buttons and model. The same expert tailor will then  make any adjustments needed to give you the best fit you have ever enjoyed.

Impeccable tailoring is not something you can get on the internet!  Come visit one of our neighborhood stores — or we will come to you if garments were purchased from Family Britches — for the most personalized fit you will ever experience.

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