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How Men Can Style Around Solid Quarter-Zip Sweater

How Men Can Style Around Solid Quarter-Zip Sweater

Men’s solid quarter-zip sweaters are versatile, luxurious, and fashionable layering pieces, making them a fantastic go-to item for every man’s wardrobe. Generally, wearing a quarter zip sweater will help you stand out because they are more stylish than crewneck and turtleneck sweaters. But there are other benefits to wearing one as well. A solid quarter-zip sweater is a functional apparel that can be worn with anything to look stylish.

Once you have chosen the ideal solid quarter-zip sweater, you want to style it with other items to give your ensemble some flair. Here are some ideas. Keep reading to discover these fashionable pieces you can style around your solid quarter-zip sweater.

Pair a Quarter-Zip Sweater With a Button-Down Shirt and a Pair of Chinos

Additionally, the shirt’s collar will not flap outside the zip because it is buttoned up. You can dress this way with the top shirt button undone. Pick a shirt with a sturdy collar when making your choice. A flimsy collar would not contrast well with the quarter-zip sweater’s design.

You can even roll the combined sleeves up to show part of your forearm for an easygoing appearance, depending on how formal or casual the venue is. If you want to up the style, wear this outfit with chinos or khakis instead of jeans. Choose a pair of neutral chinos for the rest of the outfit. Navy, grey, and khaki go well with most things.

You should also not be afraid to combine contrasting colors, such as your solid sweater and a light button-down shirt.

Pair With a Shirt and Tie

With a shirt, tie, and pants, a solid quarter-zip will transition from casual to classy and be more than work-appropriate. Tie it, but make sure it stays inside the sweater when you do. Ensure the tie and shirt collars are visible and do not completely zip up the collar.

Layering Solid Quarter-Zip Sweater

The question is what to wear on top of your quarter-zip sweater, not what to wear underneath it. Even if the solid men’s quarter-zip sweater looks wonderful worn by itself or as the top layer, you can also use it as a middle layer under a parka, quilted field coat, or jacket during the colder months.

In this ensemble, you will need something fitting over the sweater yet loose enough to cover your entire body. In general, you do not want it to appear like you are bulking up your frame; instead, you want the final layered look to emphasize your shape rather than conceal it.

Pair With a T-Shirt and Jeans

Put a t-shirt under your sweater for an ultra-casual look. Always use complementary colors: A striped T-shirt with a tinge of green will make you look nicely put together if you wear a green sweater. Unless you are up for playing the match game, a simple white t-shirt is always fashionable under your sweater.

A step up from a t-shirt, a quarter zip is paired with a polo shirt to create a more business casual style worn with jeans for a casual appearance.

Pair With Checked/ Patterned Shirt

A practical quarter-zip sweater is ideal for layering on chilly days. Layer a solid quarter-zip sweater over your favorite checked shirt for the ultimate casual appeal. The check shirt’s pattern adds a little more to the outfit than a plain shirt does.

Make sure the color of the sweater you decide to wear goes well with the color of the patterned shirt. Everything from jeans to even chino pants will look excellent with this.

Accessorize Your Quarter-Zip Sweater

Adding extra pieces is a great way to stand out from other people who may be wearing clothing that is very similar to yours. Consider donning eyewear, jewelry, a cool leather watch, a hat when suitable, socks, or cufflinks to your solid quarter-zip sweater look.

You can choose a pair of well-publicized sneakers and accessorize with a few rings and a bracelet for a more street look.

Style Your Solid Quarter-Zip Sweater With Family Britches

Quarter zip sweaters are one of the most overlooked attire. They have a fashionable appearance, go with everything, and can be dressed up or down according to the situation. Whatever you choose to pair them with, check our website to browse through our collection. Family Britches also offers quality quilted quarter-zip sweaters, which are a modern fit and amazingly comfortable. Our main goal is to ensure that you get what you want at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us today or visit our stores in Chappaqua, NY, and New Canaan, CT, to grab a piece that makes you look good.

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