Casual Menswear

A more casual dress code has become increasingly popular today, but what exactly defines casual menswear?

Although formalwear hasn’t completely disappeared from our closets, many of us have very few occasions in which a tuxedo or ball gown might be an appropriate choice. Workplaces now eschew suits and ties in favor of business casual menswear. In fact, a recent survey found that only one in 10 employees wear a suit to work, while seven in 10 opt for more casual clothing for the sake of comfort. And in our personal lives, most of us would prefer to be laid back and free of restrictions and rules when it comes to our wardrobe. 

As such, the demand for casual menswear is on the rise. We want clothes that are affordable, easy to maintain, and comfortable — but we still want them to look good. But because it’s easy to cross the line into clothing that’s a little too casual, it might be helpful to know what constitutes casual menswear to ensure you get the most out of your closet.

What Is Casual Menswear?

The definition of casual menswear is difficult to nail down, but that doesn’t mean that anything goes. Casual menswear should still be tailored, rather than ill-fitting, and offer a sense of sophistication. The main hallmark of casual menswear is that it’s versatile and looks smart; it’s just as natural a choice for a day of work at your startup as it is for a social outing with friends, exploring a new city, or running errands around town.

Casual menswear can run the gamut of garments, including everything from button-down shirts and chinos to blue jeans (in both relaxed and skinny fit) and soft sweaters. Even basics like v-neck tees and polos can fall under this category. Leather and denim jackets are commonly worn, as well as an array of footwear ranging from sneakers to leather dress shoes. Printed short-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, leather belts, boat shoes, and even hats can all be considered casual menswear. 

While casual menswear is seemingly a massive category, there are certain characteristics that these items share — and specific pieces you should avoid if you want to stay within this style. Even if these garments are designed with a relaxed fit in mind, they’re still constructed or tailored in a way that highlights proportion and won’t hide the body in an oversized manner. Neutrals are a great place to start, which will allow you to get playful with a bold pattern, hat, or materials like denim. And while t-shirts can certainly be considered casual, you should refrain from wearing anything that looks sloppy, dirty, or worn-out in an unfashionable way. Casual menswear doesn’t mean decades-old sweats or shorts. Even if you feel physically comfortable in your ensemble, you’ll want to rethink it if you’d feel uncomfortable wearing it for at least three different occasions. 

Ultimately, casual menswear is a staple for your wardrobe. To see our selection, take a look at our inventory of products or contact us today.