FAMILY BRITCHES welcomes the Spring Weather and the Ermenegildo Zegna Collection of clothing and accessories.

Our customers appreciate the colors, fabrics, styling and fit that have been a staple at FAMILY BRITCHES forever

Chose from our in stock selections for Spring in suits, sport coats, shirts and ties. Or select a fabric and we will custom craft clothing for you.

Either way, Spring, Family Britches, Zegna and you, will spruce up your wardrobe.




Family Britches in Chappaqua is excited about our additions of furnishings and housewares. We will have a grand opening on the weekend on March 3 & 4 to showcase our redesigned Women’s Department.


Not only will you find exciting new selections of women’s clothing from:

AG JEANS                    EILEEN FISHER                     JAKETT

ALTERNATIVE             FRYE BOOTS                        JAMES PENSE

CAMBIO                       HARTFORD                          MONROW

C P SHADES                  HUNTER BOOTS                  REPEAT


You’ll also find:


All selected by J. Seitz & Co of New Preston, CT


Does your local laundry know how to properly press your shirt collars?

Do you get complaints about collar bands breaking and falling over?

The attached images, could prove to be helpful for you, to communicate with your local laundry that you recommend, to better service your mutual customers.

The main issue is when the laundry “cracks” the collars, the technician pulls the collar over a heated cone, if they pull down too tight on the collar leaf, they will create a break in the lining of the band.  By slowing down and properly creasing the collar leaf, this issue can be generally avoided.

I hope you find this to be helpful

Family Britches




The Bow tie Club at Family Britches had four founding members, Donal Hirsch, Edward Brown, Randy Hanauer and Jeffrey Becker.

Over the last few years, many new converts have been added, myself included.

I find it brings a smile to people’s faces and evokes lots of comments. My daughters suggest I look like the Orville R, the popcorn guy.

Many pediatricians have been wearing them for years for reasons I am happy to share in private.

We welcome Mr. Warren Geller as the latest member in good standing and tying.

Bow tying lessons are happily given to anyone interested in learning and enjoying the James Bond affect.


continue their climb to the top




Family Britches has know the Stangel Brothers since they were little boys growing up in their parents home on Old Roaring Brook Road. In fact, we gave them their start in the entertainment industry when we had them pose as mannequins in our display windows.


After graduating college, they began by working off-Broadway and submitting jokes to the late night TV shows. Someone found them funny and they signed on as writers for the David Letterman Show.


After a 15 year stint as the Head Writer’s for the David Letterman show, they are the Executive Producers of a new show on NBC with Harry Connick Jr.


I had a chance to visit the set and watch the show on September 21, 2016. There were the Stangel Brothers standing at the podium directing the taping through their headsets. From the display windows at Family Britches to producing a big hit on TV, I was very moved and excited to see their success.


After the taping was completed, I was invited onto the set where this picture was taken.


Family Britches is all about relationships that last. Our customers become friends and are part of our family. We are always there for them and the loyalty we engender by our personalized service and quality merchandise, is our greatest legacy.


Thanks for a great day in your world. I really enjoyed watching you continue your journey to the top. You make us very proud!


Billy Reid is an American fashion designer. His clothing is known for its classic updated traditional styling made from high quality fabrics but with unique accents, self-described as “low-fi Southern bred luxury.”

The company is headquartered in Florence, Alabama. Its roots are in Mr. Reid’s hometown of Amite, Louisiana.  Billy’s mother owned a women’s boutique shop in his grandmother’s former home.  That influence inspired Billy to pursue the fashion industry.

He had a four year stint with Saks and spent years with Reebok.

His emphasis is on USA manufacturing, proprietary textiles development and high quality construction.