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Not All Men’s Clothing Stores are Created Equal

When your car needs maintenance, you go to a trained mechanic.

When you need a doctor or a dentist, you go to a trusted and experienced professional.

So when you need top quality designer men’s clothing, would you look to a discount online site or generic department store?

The answer is that if you want to look your best, there is no substitute for an experienced specialist in men’s attire. One who can offer the selection, dependability and custom tailoring you need to ensure an impeccable fit and appearance.  One who has a vested interest in developing a clothing relationship that will endure – not just a commission.

What to Look For in a Men’s Clothing Store

A men’s clothing store is  broad conglomeration of many finely tuned components. Each category should be complementary in quality and taste level.  At Family Britches our men’s clothing offerings include:

Men’s Casual Trousers
Men’s Casual Business Wear
  • Selections from Hiltl and Masons are made with better fabrics and construction in the European tradition.
Men’s Dress Trousers
Custom Tailoring
  • Your selections are meticulously tailored by our men’s custom tailors to your specifications, at no additional charge.

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