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Men’s Guide to Professional, Functional Gloves: What Features Do You Need?

Men's Guide to Professional, Functional Gloves: What Features Do You Need?

During the cold season, gloves become essential wear. However, you do not just pick any pair, especially when you want to maintain a professional look. While you want to keep warm, your gloves should not hamper your efficiency. No one wants to pull off their gloves to open an application or send a text from a smartphone.

You should also not discard your desire for stylish outfits simply because it’s a cold season. You want a pair that is professional and functional! However, it may not be easy to select the right pair, especially if it is your first time thinking of gloves from this perspective. This guide will help you choose the best glove for a professional man. 

Touchscreen Gloves

Technology has evolved, and almost every professional man uses a smartphone. If you are shopping for a pair of gloves, consider one that is compatible with touchscreens. It is no longer fancy to hold the glove with your teeth as you text or respond to an email from your smartphone. Moreover, removing the glove whenever you want to use a touchscreen defeats the logic of having one. Remember you wanted to keep your hands warm. But do these work?

While having a glove that is compatible with a touchscreen may seem far-fetched, you can still get one that works. So if you are looking for a perfect gift for your man this cold season, a touchscreen-compatible glove is an incredible idea. However, there are other factors to consider when shopping for a touchscreen glove. 

While touchscreen compatibility is a factor for this category, keeping warm is your major concern. In addition, the pair should look stylish and professional.  

Flexibility and Functionality 

As a professional man, you do not want a pair of gloves that hinders your efficiency. You want gloves that are not excessively thick but still keep you warm. Thinsulate-lined or deerskin gloves are an excellent option if you are looking for a functional pair that keeps you warm. 

A soft leather glove lined in Thinsulate allows flexibility, making it easy to work on your laptop or desktop computer. Besides, these are elegant and professional. You can comfortably sleek your hands in these gloves during official meetings or attending to clients in your office. 

The deerskin ones made in England are manufactured with flexibility in mind. While they are a bit expensive compared to the Thinsulate, their cashmere lining makes them a top choice for men looking for comfort in a professional glove. This pair will make you stand out among your colleagues without compromising your efficiency at work. 

Choosing the Right Gloves 

Maintaining your professional look is essential when choosing a pair of gloves. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a new pair.  


The glove should fit snugly in your hands to enhance the professional look. In addition, a perfectly fitting pair enhances your flexibility and functionality at work. While most men can get a pair that snugly fits their hands, small-bodied men may face some challenges getting one. If you are in this category, worry not. There are gloves specifically designed for adult men with small hands. The secret here is knowing the size of your hands when shopping for your favorite gloves.


While the color may not matter as long as they keep you warm, multicolored pairs are a little unprofessional. Multicolor gloves may also make it difficult for you to match them with other outfits. You can choose a color that matches your scarf to enhance your stylish look whenever you want to keep warm. 

Quality and Durability 

Cold season will last for weeks or months. Shopping for gloves that can keep you warm throughout the season can help you save your hard-earned dollars. Loose-colored gloves are also a no go zone. You do not want to stain your professional suit when the glove gets wet. 

Why Go Through the Hassle of Getting Professional, Functional Gloves?

While some professions may no longer emphasize on dress-codes, clients still do. Men working in formal places need to look professional to attract clients. If you want to attract clients to your law firm or realtor office, clad professionally. 

Order Your Professional Gloves Today 

Shopping for a professional glove can be an overwhelming task. However, Family Britches make it easy for you. We stock professional functional gloves that keep you warm and enhance your looks at the office or formal meetings. Sample our gloves and other outfits, or contact us at (800) 781-2088 to place an order. 

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