Men’s Athleisure For Work

When comfort is your top priority, our selection of men’s athleisure for work can help you look professional without feeling restricted.

The American workplace has become increasingly more casual in recent years, particularly as many of us have now made the transition to working from home. Although a suit and tie were once expected in professional settings, an emphasis on stylish comfort has led to an increased interest in men’s athleisure for work.

Numerous companies no longer require employees to wear a stuffy button-down shirt and suit jacket to work. Instead, men’s athleisure for work has been embraced even by CEOs and high-level executives. This is a culmination of business-casual-meets-gym-wear — and it’s taken many workplaces by storm.

What is Men’s Athleisure For Work?

Although not every office environment is keen on the athleisure movement, many employers have come to the realization that judging their staff by their wardrobe may be a little too elitist to align with their true values. Besides, wearing a suit and tie doesn’t necessarily mean business goals will be achieved. The productivity and innovation displayed by those who wear men’s athleisure for work may rival — or even outpace — their peers who stick to more traditional workplace attire.

So what exactly falls under the category of men’s athleisure for work? Keep in mind that it’s probably still not appropriate to wear a grubby t-shirt and gym shorts to the office. But you can wear comfortable, breathable garments that can easily take you from your desk to your workout.

In many cases, men’s athleisure for work might include knit henley shirts, plain v-neck tees, woven or knit pants, seamless polos, knit bomber jackets, and wool sneakers. Most of these pieces will be made out of neutral-colored stretch fabrics that are easy to move in but that provide a put-together appearance. The key is to feel comfortable without looking like you just rolled out of bed. Layers are also helpful, especially if you spend your days in a cubicle (or working from home on your couch) but plan on going for a run after you clock out for the day. Be aware that your colors should still compliment and coordinate.

One of the appealing things about men’s athleisure for work is that you won’t be distracted by constricting fabrics. Tailored suits certainly have their place, but they can make it difficult to focus on your daily tasks. Who can stay productive when they’re too warm and uncomfortable? Athleisure items can make sure nothing holds you back from achieving your goals — all while allowing you to still look your best. To see more of our selection of men’s athleisure for work, take a look at our product inventory or contact us directly.