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A Guide to Incorporate Stripes Into Your Autumn Wardrobe

A Guide to Incorporate Stripes Into Your Autumn Wardrobe

Stripes are autumn staples in every man’s wardrobe. They are among the few items that are both trending and classic. Stripes in an Autumn wardrobe are an excellent way to break away from solid colors. Every man, regardless of body shape and size, needs stripped pieces to make their look effortlessly put together. Stripes are geometric, and most men look stunning wearing them.

This article will discuss the different stripes suitable for various body types and give you a guide to wearing them with your everyday accessories. If you are replenishing your wardrobe of wear-anywhere basics or craving fresh styles to transition your autumn closet, keep reading this definitive style guide to strip-based patterns.

General Rule of Thumb for Thickness, and Direction to Add Stripes Into Your Autumn Wardrobe

For any type of body, the goal is to create balance. An excellent rule of thumb is to use stripes that work with your eye to look your best, as discussed below. 

Thickness of Stripes

Whether you want to be conspicuous or fit in, choosing the right thickness of stripes is essential. The rule of thumb is to keep stripes thin if you are hoping for a formal look. The thinner the stripe, the more formal it is. If you are trying something new, choose pieces with thin stripes. Thicker stripes draw attention to the width of your body, while thinner ones fade. Wider stripes are suitable for casual settings. 

Horizontal vs Vertical Stripes

There are two fundamental options when choosing stripes; horizontal and vertical. Horizontal stripes are assumed to be unflattering; however, this is not true. It is important to note that horizontal stripes create width while vertical stripes create length. For men, horizontal stripes have a widening effect. These stripes often go well when styling a casual fit.

 Blue and white horizontal stripes give a more nautical look. A blue and white t-shirt can be adapted to every style and occasion. To achieve a more casual look, you can wear it with tailored pants for work or denim. White and navy blue stripes pair well with all colors. In fact, this is a timeless and versatile type of stripe. They are an easy choice for wearing denim.
If you wear shorts, try styling horizontal stripes with our island life short which has a solid neutral color. Stripped shorts are a great way to add pattern to your outfit. When wearing striped shorts or trousers, keep your shirt solid with a contrasting color. Stripped trousers are a statement look. Remember to keep the tee and shoe simple to avoid overcomplicating the outfit. 

Pair vertical stripes with suits and trousers. Vertical stripes look better on button-downs. Our navy striped button-down shirt is a timeless wardrobe classic. The versatility of a crisp button-down is unmatched. Tuck in and add a belt for structure and detail in your outfit.

Different Body Structures

For short men, if you are under 5”6 and do not want to look like the smallest person in the room, vertical stripes will instantly make you look taller. Vertical stripes elongate and slim you down. They are the best when you want to look taller. They make the eye travel up and down the length of the stripe.

Tall and skinny men should choose horizontal stripes to help bulk them up. Athletic men look good with horizontal stripes as they tend to add width to their shoulders. For men who are conscious of their midsection, incorporate horizontal stripes because they visually distort and take away focus from your stomach. 

How to Mix Stripes

If you are adventurous when it comes to fashion, mixing stripes is a great way to keep things interesting. However, to avoid looking clustered, here are some guidelines you should follow: 

  • When mixing stripes, provide contrast, i.e., ensure that they are not the same color 
  • Stripe should go in different directions, i.e., a horizontally striped tie with a vertically striped shirt
  • Ensure you choose colors that work well together
  • Use different textures
  • Lastly, incorporate stripes of different sizes

Tips to Accessorize Articles of Clothing

Accessorizing spices up your outfit. It may include adding smaller pieces like shoes and jewelry into your look. Below are two tips to add new energy to our autumn capsule without looking too clustered. 

Tip 1 to Incorporate Stripes Into Your Autumn Wardrobe: Avoid Matching Tie and Pocket Square

A great way to enhance your casual look is by wearing accessories like a pocket square or tie. Wearing a tie and pocket square of the same stripes does not create a good look. Instead, wear a tie and pocket square that complement each other. Try making one of the accessories bolder and the other a bit neutral. 

Tip 2 to Incorporate Stripes Into Your Autumn Wardrobe: Fewer, Refined Accessories

The overall approach to accessorizing is choosing quality over quantity. The right number of accessories can complement the look and make you stand out. Using a watch or cufflinks also helps set you apart from others in your workplace. Shoes should complement the overall style. For black clothes, choose any color of accessory; for brightly colored stripes, choose accessories with neutral tones. 

Incorporate Stripes Into Your Autumn Wardrobe

Suppose you are still not sure of how to incorporate stripes into your autumn wardrobe, we at Family Britches are ready to help you. Contact us today for more information. 

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