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4 Easy Ways to Insert Floral Prints Into Your Wardrobe: Ties, Shirts, and Other Ideas

4 Easy Ways to Insert Floral Prints Into Your Wardrobe: Ties, Shirts, and Other Ideas

The face of men’s fashion is constantly evolving. Over the last couple of years, the male population has added a bit of color and pattern to their wardrobe with alluring floral prints. Men can now rock the prints during spring and summer as they go around with their vocations, trips, backyard hangouts, or even pool parties. However, it starts with having the right printed pattern of your shirts in your wardrobe to make your weekly rotation wear easy. 

If you are trying to add a whole level of edge to your wardrobe but are unsure of how to go about it, begin with small additions, colors, and patterns that pair with your shorts, pants, or ties. The right print size, color, and pattern pull off the edgy look, giving you a sense of fashion and a stylish outfit. It makes you feel comfortable and confident in the wear. Here are tips and guides on how to add floral prints to your wardrobe.

Contrast the Floral Prints With a Solid Shade of Shorts and Pants

When choosing a floral shirt, it is advisable to contrast it with solid shorts and pants to get a classic look. Do not combine two different floral prints. Ensure the pants and shorts are plain when wearing a floral shirt. You can match the floral shirts with black jeans, a pair of solid denim shorts, or a colored suit. Since black jeans or shorts match almost any floral shirt, it would be easy to match your outfit with the jeans. 

Another option is to wear a white and black floral shirt with solid white jeans or a blue and green print shirt with black shorts or pants. If you choose to wear a floral coat, then ensure the shirt has solid color. Neutral bottom colors make your outfit appear cohesive and slick. Finish your outfit with a pair of sneakers to give you a light and casual look while also looking elegant. 

If you want to elevate your outfit, you can tuck your floral shirt into your black jeans and add a belt if possible. The floral appearance of the shirt with a combination of shorts and pants that contrast the prints will make you stand out with a stunning look from the rest of the mass. 

Choose Floral Pattern That Is Proportional to Your Body Size 

Choose a print and pattern suitable and perfect for your body type. Treat this the same way you do when looking for other shirts. Plus-size men should avoid big and loud floral prints because this can make the body appear unnecessarily big. 

Skinny men can go for sassy print. If you are unsure of the right side of the print, go for a more subtle option that is more flattering and makes the shirt complement with rest of the outfit. Avoid a loud, oversized, flashy print because it will make you unappealing.

So, be careful to choose a size that fits well and makes you free when you walk around. Depending on the occasion, you can wear it open or tuck it in. Keeping it simple is the best option to give you a stylish and classy look as long as the shirts are proportional to your body type. 

Go Bold Within Your Comfort Zone in Colors and Pattern Size 

A combination of color and organic patterns is what makes floral prints bold. It makes experimenting with floral shirts fun and helps you choose the right outfit that makes you comfortable and confident. The bigger the prints and patterns, the better choice for men. After all, this is what makes you a fashionable man with swag and an appealing outlook. 

Bold floral prints aren’t just floral patterns. They are a bold statement, making you look stylish, whether on a vocation or doing your daily business. If you decide to go for brighter color combo prints, match your personality too. It is about experimenting with your look with different color schemes to make the floral print styling easy. 

Layer Your Floral Prints Sensibly

Layering your floral shirt with other accessories can make or break your look. To add a manly touch to your fashion, you can wear a floral shirt with a fitted coat or denim jacket to add a muscular flair to the floral print.

You should ensure everything matches the texture to create a super look underneath the floral shirt. You can experiment with solid-colored suits but ensure that both the color of the shirt and suit are contrasting. If you decide to go for a floral coat, then consider choosing a plain shirt. Just layer up sensibly to attain a stylish look.

Enrich Your Wardrobe With Stylish Floral Prints

Wearing a floral print that matches your style and body type can make you look great and stylish. You should ensure the outfit brings out the perfect look and the fun side of your personality. If you plan to add floral prints to your spring and summer wardrobe, there are various choices from Family Britches. Contact us today to check out our wears and accessories that will bring the tropical vibe to your closest.

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