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Scholarly From Button Down to Shoe: Tips to Achieve a Timeless, Academia-Inspired Fall Look

Young stylish man wearing sunglasses and academia-inspired clothing, holding a coffee in the city.

As we approach the fall season, it’s time for men to start thinking about what to wear when the temperature cools down. In the fall time, however, more occurs than just the changing of the weather—students return to school, too. You don’t have to be a college student or professor to sport the ‘academic aesthetic’. In fact, wearing academia-inspired clothing is a men’s fashion trend this season. So, it’s important to understand what it means to dress in the style of academia. Here are a few tips that any man should implement into their wardrobe. Whether they’re trying to wear academia-inspired clothing or not.

What Is the Academia Look?

Put simply, university campuses inspire the academia look in menswear. Think collared shirts, nice coats, properly tailored pants, and other high-end essentials. Although academia-inspired clothing has ties to, well, academia, when it comes down to it, the style is timeless and relevant to settings outside of college.

That means, no matter where you work or live, you can implement this aesthetic into your wardrobe. You can style it to meet your needs and preferences. You’re always going to need properly tailored clothes that can be dressed up or down, and nice pieces are at the core of the academia look. Therefore, every man can benefit from purchasing some of the following academia-inspired clothing and accessories:

Shirts and Outerwear

The academia look means wearing menswear that is simple, timeless, and tailored. So, keep things relatively simple when it comes to shirts and outerwear. Find basic button-down tops in colors like light blue, white, beige, or navy. Keep the colors subdued and fall-appropriate. Make sure your shirts fit your figure. You don’t want an unkempt button-down, you want one that fits and is tucked into your pants.

In terms of outerwear, make sure you have blue, gray, brown, and black blazers that fit well on hand. Again, think of neutral colors. If you wear a beige or white button-down, opt for a brown blazer. If you wear a light blue button-down, choose a navy blazer. Always ensure your colors pair well when you wear a blazer over your button-down, and to create a more interesting ensemble that still looks great with a blazer, you could even consider wearing a patterned shirt with coordinating colors.

However, if you don’t want to wear a button-down, layer with a cardigan—preferably a wool one. Cardigans are a great way to elevate your outfit, even on days you’re trying to be a little bit more casual. Don’t settle for a cardigan that pills, you want one that is high quality. You can get creative and pick out dark green, red, orange, or other colors for your cardigan. Keep it timeless, but still, you can step outside your comfort zone a little bit. You could pick out a cardigan that is the color of your favorite University and wear it to the tailgate and game, for example.


When you think academia, it’s likely you envision a nice pair of pants: whether it be corduroys, chinos, or dress pants, to create a wardrobe full of academia-inspired clothing, you’ll need all three. Make sure you have corduroys for more casual fall days and dress pants for days you need to look your sharpest. As always, your pants should be tailored so that they fit perfectly. To really channel the academia look, you’ll need to be tailored and put together—fit matters, here.

As we’ve established, the academia look is contingent on traditional staples, but if you’re looking to get a little creative, opt for pants that have a timeless pattern on them. This way, your trouser won’t go out of style, but it will still be unique.


For accessories, make sure you’ve got a high-quality belt. Have one in both black and brown. Belts make an outfit because if you don’t have one, your outfit will look a little bit unfinished. Also, have several pairs of nice dress shoes on hand. Loafers and dress sneakers are great shoes that can be purchased in black, brown, burgundy, and other neutral shades.

Find Academia-Inspired Pieces at Family Britches

We’ve given you a simple guide to fall’s most popular trend in menswear: the academia look. To achieve this look or to purchase a few pieces inspired by it, you’ve got to choose tailored clothing, and at Family Britches, we’re committed to providing you with just that. You can purchase timeless, well-made clothes that are made to fit your body at Family Britches. For more information about our family-owned company, visit our locations in either Chappaqua, NY, or New Canaan, CT, or shop online—from anywhere in the country. It pays well to dress well. Contact us, for more information.

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