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Mens Dress Trousers


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What makes a men’s dress trouser more appropriate than a men’s business casual trouser?

By starting with finer fabrics, usually wool, you can manufacture the tailor-made details and achieve the desired drape and fit. Better quality of wools, a higher level of construction, more hand stitching will create dress slacks appropriate for a sport coat, a cashmere sweater or whatever combination suits the occasion.

Below are some of our favorite vendors of high quality men’s dress slacks:


A Canadian manufacturer famous for their “comfort EZE” stretch waistband. They stock wools in plain weave tropicals and textured basket weaves, flannels and performance fabrics, all in models that will fit most customers with minor alterations. Ballin offers a plain front trimmer silhouette with a slightly lower rise, a traditional model with a higher rise and fuller leg and even a pleated model.


The same heritage of exceptional quality and design, from this Italian family, is offered in their trousers. Fine wools are used to then craft a beautifully tailored trouser for today’s gentlemen’s wardrobe basics. Canali will also do a made to measure service if you want to design your own details from their extensive fabric offerings.


Another Italian company that offers quality an European detailing in wool trousers.








PT01 Pantaloni Torano

A trouser made through the meticulous matching of the finest raw material and the constant pursuit of perfection in fit. This Italian company motto is “determined and devoted” to their craft.


Made in Montreal, this Canadian company offers a variety of in-stock wools. Customers who like their clothing will be able to select trousers to fit their every need. Special orders can be delivered in about four weeks if you want to design your own trousers.


The styling and heritage of this Italian mill and clothing company, make their trousers the top of the line.






The Perfect Fit

A truly top notch men’s dress trouser needs a master tailor’s finishing alterations to achieve the customized fit you deserve. Our old world craftsmen will show you how good trouser can make you look and feel.

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