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How to Style With a Summery Scarf Near the End of the Season

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Summer might be hot but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your trendy styles and fashionable accessories. When it comes to the warmest time of year, scarves offer a soft yet welcoming touch to any outfit. While you’re likely going to dress in fewer layers and lighter clothing, you can still add a pop of color and details to your look without having to choose between burning up and looking pristine. Plus, scarves are a great way to add a sprinkle of warmth once the sun goes down and the evening chill becomes your dinner guest. Ready to find out how you can mix and match a summery scarf with your next outing? Dress up your appearance with these lightweight scarves and stylish tips. 

Know Your Fabric Options

Before you start selecting your scarf of choice, understanding the fabric balance can be helpful. Like choosing a jacket in the winter, there are a plethora of options out and there and you’re looking for something that’s not just lightweight but also comfortable. Linen and cotton are two of the most frequently used materials you’ll find. The trick is finding a balance between the two for the perfect scarf. Linen is gentle against the skin and doesn’t show wrinkles as easily. On the other hand, cotton can handle the sun a little more and is less likely to fade. 

Style With Comfort

The great thing about using a summery scarf as an accessory is that there’s no shortage of ways you can style it. From nonchalant elegance to formal and unique, scarves have a multitude of uses. They are perfect for moments you want to add a little extra detail to your look. For the perfect summer styles, try out these trends.

The Once Around

Loved for being easy yet attention-grabbing, the once-around is a simple style that takes minimal effort. It gives you that perfect blend of trend-setting looks with nonchalance. To perfect this style, hang your scarf loosely around your neck with one end longer than the other. Then take that longer end and wrap it around your neck comfortably just once. Let it fall back into place in a loose state and pair it over a light jacket or neutral-colored top. This style leaves plenty of room between your neck and scarf, giving you both comfort and aesthetic appeal.

The Shawl

Any easy yet effective way to add detail to your summery looks is by taking a longer scarf and using it as a shawl. Drape the scarf over your shoulders, and bring the ends down near your hands. From there you’ll want to pull the ends towards your back and tie them into a knot. This ensures you still have a full range of motion while giving you a chic look. 

The Necktie

Otherwise known as the cravat, a simple necktie using your scarf of choice is always a great way to dress up any look. Paired best under a suit or a dressier shirt, this style is easy to master. You can fold the scarf over to thicken the look of it before wrapping it once around your neck or leaving it loose. For ties, you can choose to secure it the way you would a formal tie. You can also tie a singular knot in it and let both ends hang in opposing directions beneath your top.

The Accessory

One of the best ways to style a scarf during the summer is as a simple accessory. You can attach it to your purse, a belt loop in your pants, around your wrist, or even as a headband. There’s no singular way to correctly use a summery scarf as an accessory. This small addition to your wardrobe and appearance is an efficient way to add some spark to your look without worrying about overheating. 

Now that you have a few easy ways to style your scarf of choice, it’s time to begin your hunt for the perfect summery scarf. Just remember, wool blends are great for winter when you want to stay cozy. Silky patterns and light pastels are perfect for keeping you cool in both style and physically during these warmer months. Stand out this summer and make a stylish statement with a simple summer scarf. Whether you’re dressing up for a big event or you’re looking for a quick way to make your casual apparel pop, scarves are effective, comfortable, and easy to use. 

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