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A Complete Guide to Stylish Menswear for Beach Vacations

A Complete Guide to Stylish Menswear for Beach Vacations

Visiting the beach for men used to be as simple as old flip-flops, a stained tee-shirt, and baggy shorts before stylists upgraded to resort wears. Nowadays, even though vacation may be a time to relax and recharge, preparing for it may get you frazzled. You still want to hit the sand and soak up in the sun in style. Packing a vacation outfit does not have to be a stressful task. Check out our guide for menswear for beach vacations.

Choose Versatile Outfits

It is essential to pick outfits that can work well for you at the beach and in the evening. Whether you will be enjoying a resort or a day trip in your car, you may not get the chance to change to more formal wear.

Tailored shorts in comfort fabrics and colors paired with tee shirts is a good idea for a more casual look for daytime. A windbreaker or sweatshirt paired with lightweight cotton and linen pants will do for formal events. Long-sleeved linen shirts could be rolled up during the day and rolled down in the evening.

Men’s primary concern when rocking the beach will be what they have on the bottom. A nice pair of trunks with more street style than a bare swim trunk will be a good choice. When you tire of the sun and want to grab lunch at the bar, pair it with a shirt, and you are good to go.

To remain stylish, you will need a good choice for the top. Neutral and pastel trunks are easier to match with striped or printed tops. A breezy lightweight bottom-down with suitable material can be used as an open jacket when the weather gets chilly. Throw it on with a shirt or a tank top, preferably of plain color.

A long-sleeved rash guard will be a good pair for your swim trunk. Apart from protecting your skin from surf rash and sun rays, it is stylish, more so if it got a hoodie. You can rock it off the beach too.

A short-sleeved bottom-up can be unbuttoned when you are out on the beach and buttoned when getting a break from the sun. Match your palm-printed trunk swims with short sleeve cotton knits in solids or patterns for a more beach look.

Consider Fast-Drying Material for Menswear for Beach Vacations

Apart from carrying your towel to the beach to keep yourself dry, you need to consider a breathable type of material for your beach wear. Comfortable and fast-drying footwear, fast-drying fabrics, and silky materials are easy to breathe in and suitable for going within and out of water.

It is uncomfortable to stay with wet and heavily soaked swimwear even after leaving the water. As much as you want to wear your best trunk, make sure it is made of a fast-drying fabric.

Go for Bright Colors

Usually, light color is said to reflect heat. You will need a crisp white shirt to prevent hyperthermia when under the sun for long hours.

Brighter colors also have the magic they create when hit by sunlight. A yellow or orange color trunk will dazzle and look pleasant under the sun. Beach colors such as beige and sky blue would be a great choice.

Have Control of a Classic Look for Menswear for Beach Vacations

As a man of style, you want to try some old yet still fashionable outfits. Consider neutral colors like pearl white and pebble grey to be safe. Personal stylist services by Family Britches may come through for you if you need to look good but do not know how to do it.

Print shirts with long and short sleeves can be worn tucked in or out for a simple and stylish classic. Leather loafers will complete the look and help you navigate the dune without struggle. You can easily slip them off to take a stroll by the beach once you leave the party.

Know Your Body Type

Getting the right cut and fit makes even the most casual outfit look great on you. If you are slightly built, consider swimwear with slimmer legs and horizontally striped trunks. They can help you look more masculine. And avoid vertical stripes if you do not want to look slimmer. If you have chunky thighs or wider hips, go for board shorts in solid colors. Avoid speedos and briefs as a tall man, they give you a boyish look.

Take Care of Your Skin Tone

When you show a lot of skin, consider if your outfit goes with your skin tone. Pale skin will look great with muted shades of pink, blue and green. While rich khakis, rusts, and oranges go well with olive skin. For darker skin tones, neon bright will give you the glow you need.

Find Stylish Menswear for Beach Vacations at Family Britches

Incorporating style into your beachwear is a great idea. A friendly and comfortable business will boost your great experience during your break. Contact us at Family Britches for our 100+ combined years of expert services and personal wardrobe consultations. Check out our website for any assistance on made- to- measure, or you can visit our stores in Chappaqua, NY, and New Canaan, CT.

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