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High Thread-Count Materials for Breathable Summer Clothing

High-Thread Count Materials for Breathable Summer Clothing

Summer should be all about wearing lightweight, breathable clothes to help keep you cool. Choosing the wrong outfit can make you very uncomfortable. It will also make you sweat excessively and cause inflammation on your skin. Wearing tight clothing that fits you, such as polyester and synthetic clothes, during summers makes your body feel overheated. This is why you should wear breathable fabrics like tropical wools, cotton, cotton blends, and linen during the summer. The design of these outfits makes for the best breathable summer clothing in the hot weather!

Keep reading to know more about the type of fabrics that will be ideal for you in the summer.

Tropical Wools Make for Breathable Summer Clothing

Contrary to popular belief, tropical wools are ideal for the hot summer weather. There is some significant reason why wool should be a warm-weather go-to. Wool is better at absorbing and evaporating moisture than most other textiles. This makes it effective in regulating your body temperature.

You may ask yourself, “which is the right wool?” The answer is lightweight wool. With wool, you will wear a very thin, breathable, and still presentable outfit. As long as the wool is unlined, it allows that blessed midday breeze to penetrate your fabric and keep you cool! 

Another advantage of wool is that it does not hold wrinkles. Wool also allows odor-causing moisture to evaporate fast. This means it does not hold smells either. All of the above aspects sum up spending less time ironing, dry cleaning, and generally fussing about your clothing looks! 

Cotton and Cotton Blends

Cotton and cotton blends should be your first choice, particularly when it comes to casual wear. Indeed, cotton takes care of your body in scorching weather. Cotton has insulation properties that make its fabric retain air within its fibers, keeping the material away from the skin. This provides insulation against extreme heat and keeps you comfortable at all times. 

Cotton also has absorbent qualities, making it readily absorb the sweat on your skin in hot weather. The porous quality saves your body from retaining too much sweat. If you are prone to different skin allergies, cotton clothing is ideal for you because of cotton’s hypoallergenic qualities. These qualities cause cotton not to irritate your skin. Besides, cotton fabrics are very breathable. 


Despite its inherent wrinkling, linen can be a breathable choice of clothing during the summer. Flax fiber is an attribute of linen that makes it feel breathable. For most men, the holy grail of their summer wardrobes is a linen shirt. The wrinkles should worry you less, but it is a charm that every man needs.

Linen should also be your choice of clothing for the summer because it is highly versatile. It can also go from smart to casual in minutes if you get the pairing right.

You can choose to go classic by pairing your linen trousers with a long-sleeved linen shirt! This can be a perfect selection for dinner during the warm summer evenings. 

What Outfits to Avoid!

You should avoid wearing synthetic outfits in hot weather. Synthetic fabrics are usually not breathable and cannot absorb sweat from your body. 

Polyester outfits are also a no-go. Polyester is water repellant and does not absorb heat as it should. Instead, it will allow the sweat to build up inside your clothes, leaving no room for evaporation. Even though the polyester fabric is stain-resistant, wearing it in hot weather will make you sweat profusely. Your sweat will not be visible outside the material, but it will undoubtedly cause you much discomfort on a hot and sunny day. 

Such outfits may also cause you to have skin inflammation. These will lead to lots of itching, redness, and swelling.  

We Offer The Best Breathable Summer Clothing!

This article has offered some insights on some fabrics you should wear in the summer. They include tropical wools, cotton and cotton blends, and linen. We have also suggested some of the fabrics you should avoid during hot summers. These should guide you on the correct type of fabrics to choose for your summer activities and lifestyle. 

At Family Britches, we have a variety of outfits that will be ideal for your summer lifestyle. Our collections include men’s casual trousersmen’s dress trousers, shorts, t-shirts, hats, outerwear, custom tailoring, and many more. 

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