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6 Color Combinations for Summer Casual and Business Wear

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Getting bold and creative with your color combinations is a great way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. It is essential to know how to coordinate your outfits appropriately depending on the season so you get a neat and fashion-forward appearance without sacrificing your comfort. As the summer season approaches, you are probably wondering how to dress for work and fun without drowning in a pool of sweat. This blog provides six color combinations for summer casual and business casual attire.

Green and Yellow

The green and yellow combo is a great summer outdoors classic that works perfectly together because they are neighbors on the color wheel. Because these colors are very close to each other, it is crucial to ensure they are strongly defined. If you opt for a soft yellow, counter it with a deep green and if you are going for a paler grass green, choose a solid yellow to hold it in a sharp ‘mustardy’ shade.

Red and Millennial Pink

Pink and red are surprisingly easy summer combinations to throw into your collection. However, these hues are too close together; you need to dial up the contrast with your tones. For the pink, go for something on the pale side, like millennial pink, and for the red, opt for wine-colored or scarlet-colored clothing. For example, you can rock your summer with a pink T-shirt and red shorts with minimal prints and details.

Neon and Black

Neon and black are two dark shades that create so much contrast. Ideally, the colors make bright appear even brighter. Black, for instance, goes well with neon green because it offers room for a dramatic pop against the contrast of the dark shade. You can also pair neon with light-colored neutrals like khaki and dark-colored neutrals like grey, brown, and black. The key is to strongly contrast sober and semi-smart black items and compelling neon outfits.

Pink and Green

Pink and green naturally marry together in nature, although you may need a slight shift in the shade when transferring it to outfits. The idea is to match the tone and strength of the pink color to the other items in your collection. An excellent place to start is to choose a pale pink worn with soft military green to get a great color combination to take you through from summer to autumn.

Chocolate and Brown or Blue

You can make chocolate pop with brown and blue during this spring and summer season. Brown is undoubtedly a great color to be the base of any ensemble. It is usually excellent as a neutral with other earth times or as a stand-alone color. But with spring upon us and summer a few days off, consider adding a pop color that will make you stand out from the crowd. You can try a brown pair of pants with an ocean blue shirt.

Grey and Electric Blue

One great advantage of grey is that it can be paired with any color to achieve a stylish and innovative look. For example, pairing charcoal grey with an electric blue is a great way to make a bold statement with your fashion this summer. You can also go for ash gray with terracotta to get some serious attention when you walk into a party. 

Tips to Consider When Choosing Color Combinations

The following are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing color combinations for your summer outfits:

  • Plan ahead: It is crucial that you set a time to plan your outfit. The rule here is to combine colors that work in harmony. Plan ahead to understand better the colors that look excellent with which combination.
  • Consider accessories: Colors are not limited to clothes only. You may want to apply the same rules when picking accessories to accompany your outfit.
  • Think about skin undertone: It is advisable to match your complexion to your outfit colors. If you are a pale and yellow-toned guy, opt for colder shades. Deep-toned men can go for warmer hues.

Summer Wear: The Don’ts

The following are some of the things to avoid:

  • Don’t incorporate too many colors into a single outfit
  • Avoid clashing colors as much as possible. Start with having some contrast; for example, pair darker tops with light bottoms
  • Avoid tops with colors close to your skin undertone. Colors that compliment your skin tone make you look pale.

Get Professional Help

Colors play a critical role in your choice of outfits, and getting it right will give you a stylish look and a confident feel. Warmer weather means switching to clothes that make you feel cooler and comfortable. If you need help rocking the best shades for the warm weather, contact us today.

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