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7 Summer Accessories for Men That Will Keep You Stylish Without Layering

7 Summer Accessories for Men That Will Keep You Stylish Without Layering

People find it easy to stay stylish in winter and fall than in spring and summer. During summer, the sun is up, and temperatures are very humid, and you will be left wondering how to still look good in the hot weather. Apart from depending on just small inches of fabric to look good, throwing in accessories here and there makes you look twice as good. Accessories such as shoes, belts, socks, etc., are lighter and more comfortable for summer.

Check out these seven summer accessories that will help you keep it fresh without the apparent benefits of layering.

Summer Accessories Include Sunglasses That Match the Shape of Your Face

It may be obvious you want to keep it on top of your game by wearing a pair of anti-glare shades, but the benefit of it goes beyond any style value it has. Knowing your face’s shape is essential to finding the right sunglasses for you. If you are having trouble with that, you can seek assistance from a personal stylist.

Wear square-shaped shades that give you beach vibes. For a more classic style, aviators will do, and they go with every face shape. Further, if you are going for a formal sunset dinner by the beach or looking for a pair that matches your business casual outfit, round-shaped tortoiseshell sunglasses will be your ideal choice. To stand out, go for oversized, double-bridged, and vintage shades.

A Versatile Wrist Watch

Summer wrist watches are made with materials that are water-resistant and lightweight. To suit the warm weather in summer, we suggest you replace your steel and leather-strapped timepieces with mesh and woven bands.

Choose lighter colors for your timepiece that will match your summer neutrals. You can wear stainless steel watch with canvas straps, worn to the office or while traveling. A wristwatch fitted with GPS navigation is an added advantage.

Lightweight Ties

Spring and summer weather may call for parties and weddings that may require you to wear a suit. Whatever happens, you need a lightweight piece, and do not forget to consider bright color too, in case you decide to tie it up. Even though the material of your tie will not change how you feel in the warm weather, having a lightweight woven or linen connection will bring relevance to your outfit.

Lightweight Seasonal Footwear Make Perfect Summer Accessories

As you will be wearing clothes that are summer fit, so should be your shoes. Wear your casual shorts with canvas slip-on sneakers. For crisp white sneakers, solid color trousers or shorts are the easiest bottoms. Combine with colorful shirts, prints, florals, or attractive washed shirts.

Espadrilles are breathable, and the fabric used to make them can hold different colors and patterns suitable for summer. Lightweight leather loafers can give you a more casual look paired with chinos or linen shorts. Remember to wear invisible, lightweight socks with your shoes to maintain a stylish look, since most of the boots we have suggested do not rise to your ankle.

Bright Color And Lightweight Belts

Usually, every man owns a black or brown leather belt. And summer is a great time to try other colors and materials if you want to style. Apart from giving a casual look, woven and braided belts remain versatile and can be found in thick braids which can be worn to the office. They can also be found in multiple colors, which you can wear to a party or on vacation. Woven and braided belts are easy to adjust and lightweight; therefore will guarantee your comfort.

Summer Hats

A stylish, lightweight summer hat will protect your head from the sun and elevate your entire look. Bucket hats come in different styles and colors and even have a drawstring for you to adjust during breezy weather. For instance, Panama hats are suitable for beach vacations or dinner dates. Their woven nature matches well with lighter tops. Also, lightweight sweaters are great for the chill in the evening by the water.

Men’s Jewelry

Wearing jewelry will add a sense of personality to your outfit. Keep bracelets, rings, and necklaces simple to maintain a stylish look. Neutral-colored leather and canvas bracelets are comfortable under the heat and versatile as you can wear them to the beach or wedding.

Generally, summer weather calls for lighter-weight clothing that is coordinated and cooler. Tropical wools, cotton, and linen are the most comfortable fabrics in warm weather. Combining these fabrics into exciting and eye-catching ensembles is an opportunity to showcase your eye for fashion that suits you. Also, you should pick the right accessories to finish your fresh look.

Stay Fresh and Stylish With Summer Accessories

Family Britches is the place to be if you have stylish summer accessories. If you want to look good and do not know how, contact us or visit our stores at Chappaqua, NY, or New Canaan, CT, to pick your best summer outfits and accessories.

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