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The Ultimate Best Guide to Men’s Outfits for Special Events

Man in a black suit fixing the collar of his dress.

When it comes to special events, you want to look and feel your best. However, creating a perfect outfit combination can become a daunting task with the many different outfits in your closet. You might even come across invites that ask you to adhere to a specific theme, causing you even more headaches because the last thing you want is to be off-theme at a party. If you are confused about what to wear to different special events, below is a guide to wardrobe coordination to help you pick the best attire for any event.

Black Tie Event

A black-tie event speaks sophistication and class, and you want to wear exactly that. This is the event to pop out your black or deep navy tuxedo with your favorite formal shirt. Ladies should consider luxurious fabrics with full-length hemlines and a touch of lace. The best tuxedo for a black-tie event should be custom-tailored whether you purchase it off the rack or have it made to order to complement your style and personality.

Office Dinner

Whether it’s the end-of-year office party or one of those parties to celebrate a company’s milestone, you want to look sharp but laid back. Unlike the black-tie event, it is not compulsory to suit up and wear a tie. For this one, you want a business casual outfit that can let you make a speech and pull some moves on the dance floor later. Cotton dress chino or tropical wool trousers or dark hi-flex stretch jeans with a blazer can make the perfect fit. When choosing a shirt, make sure it’s ideal for the office look. A floral print or ponderosa plaid shirt can complement this look. To complete the outfit, you can choose some smart footwear like loafers or brogues.

Special Events Like Engagement Party

If you get invited to an engagement party, chances are it will have a cocktail dress code. You will need a classy suit to dress for it, but not the same one you wear to the office every other day. It should be a slim-fit tailored design with a modern feel and sophistication. It should preferably be a dark color like navy blue, black, or royal blue with elegant wool fabric. You can pair it with a dress shirt, polished dress shoes, a pocket square, and a slim tie.

White Tie Event

This is the most formal of all outfits, and it’s reserved for special events like weddings, balls, and galas. When attending a white-tie event, be ready to pose for a few snaps as you walk down the red carpet. For this reason, you have to go beyond your regular black tuxedo and bring out a bit of creativity. You can get a black tuxedo with tails to pair with a white tuxedo shirt and a white bow tie. You can add a white waistcoat, white or black gloves, and a black top hat to spice the outfit a little. Complete the outfit with patent leather dress shoes and a watch.

Summer Gala

The holiday season is the time to let loose and enjoy the warm air and sunshine. You want an outfit that lets you breathe and feel the sun on your skin. You are not restricted to glitz and color with holiday outfits, and almost every outfit goes. The island life shorts or linen cargo shorts are a good choice for a holiday. You can choose a fitting t-shirt or a short-sleeve breeze shirt to pair them and you can play around with colors to make the outfit stand out. Sneakers or sandals can finish the look.

Dinner Date

You don’t want to spoil the dinner mood with the same outfit from the office. Here, you will want a look that makes it look like a celebration while still bringing out your attractive side. Do not be afraid to rock crisply creased dress pants with a tailored sports coat. You can add a subtly patterned dress shirt, a bold tie, and a coordinating pocket square to give it a magical finish. Alternatively, you can wear slim chinos with a plaid dress shirt. You can add a sweater over top and a statement coat. This look is not complete without suede boots.

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