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A Quick Guide to Accessorize Business Casual Outfit for Men

A Quick Guide to Accessorize Business Casual Outfit for Men

Gone are the days when suits and ties were the only outfits acceptable in official workplaces. Most companies and organizations now accept a business casual outfit. Also, you can wear the outfit when attending different events, and all eyes will be on you. But you must style and accessorize the dress code appropriately for a unique, stylish look.

Accessorizing the outfits can be challenging with many different business casual outfits like blazers, khaki pants, bottom-up shirts, collared shirts, sweaters, sweater vests, and more available. Although there are no established guidelines on how to accessorize outfits, some styles seem to work. Keep reading to learn more.

Belts for Business Casual Outfit for Men

Most business casual dress codes for workplaces or events involve wearing perfectly fitting trousers. However, a few men will go for trousers with side adjusters or suspenders, while many will consider wearing a belt. You can look good without a belt, but wearing it will enhance your look.

leather belt will work well with khakis, dress slacks, chinos, and suit pants. You need to choose a color that complements the other outfits or directly contrasts them for a unique look. A black leather belt with a simple silver buckle will work well with almost any slack.

If you are wearing black, grey, or other dark-colored dress pants, it is advisable to wear a black belt. If wearing brown khakis or chinos, you will look best in a brown leather belt. Designers also advise stylish men to match belts with the color of their shoes. For instance, when wearing brown leather shoes, you should wear a brown belt to look fantastic.

You can as well choose to wear a casual fabric belt. However, the belt should complement your shirt or tie, but it should not be too bright. Designers advise men not to wear fabric belts when going to official workplaces to look more casual.

The best thing you can do when choosing a belt is to consider the color of your shoes. Your belt should match your shoes. Also, remember to invest in high-quality belts that will last for years.


Selecting socks for a business casual dressing code seems easy, but it is not if you want to look stylish. The primary way to look good is to match your socks with your outfit. However, you don’t have to match the colors for a business casual look.

You need to wear socks with patterns and more colors for a more relaxed and unique look. For instance, you can wear a two-toned shadow-stripped pair of socks with your outfit. The color should directly contrast or complement other hues in your other outfits.

Besides, you can go for brightly colored and patterned socks for a more casual look. The socks will be suitable for men going to informal events like award ceremonies. Novelty socks with funny patterns will be ideal for informal corporate events, weddings, end-of-year parties, exhibitions, and such events.

Most importantly, consider the materials used, quality, durability of the construction, and size when buying your socks. You will want socks that will perfectly fit you, keep your feet warm, and last long.

Are Ties & Bow Ties Business Casual?

Although ties and bowties are mostly considered for accessorizing official outfits, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them with business casual outfits. A tie or bow tie will enhance your look depending on the event you will be attending. Ensuring that your tie or bowtie matches your trousers or jacket is advisable for a more organized appearance. 

Bowties are suitable for grand occasions like weddings, corporate ceremonies, or parties. If you are dressing for an important evening event, a black tuxedo, white shirt, and a black bowtie will do the trick.

A necktie will work with button-up shirts and pants. You can wear a sweater or sweater vest over the shirt on cold days. The neckties should match the pair of trousers and the sweater for a nice look.

For instance, you should wear a navy plaid necktie when wearing stone-grey wool pants, a light blue dress shirt, and a dark navy sweater. When wearing navy-blue chino pants and a blue denim shirt, wearing a blue cotton knit tie will give you a unique business casual appearance.

Accessorize Your Business Casual Outfit

Accessories are a gentleman’s chance to enhance his outfit with some color or coordinate the pieces in a unique manner to fit a personal style. Therefore, it is advisable to keep color combinations and consider the event you will be attending when accessorizing your business casual outfits. Remember to invest in high-quality accessories ranging from belts to ties.

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