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3 Ways to Update Your Wardrobe This Spring

Colorful shirts hanging on wooden hangers to suggest wardrobe this spring.

Is your wardrobe ready for spring? Even though somewhat warmer weather is finally upon us, there’s still enough chill in the air to make wearing layers of clothing a cozy and comfortable option. Layers are also the best way to prepare for those transitional days when the weather can’t seem to decide whether it’s still winter or truly spring. Add some spring flair to those layers for an updated look that’s as fresh as spring flowers.

Floral prints and a spring color palette of pinks, soft yellows, mint green, lavender, and light blue are a refreshing change from the darker, more neutral winter colors. If you aren’t fond of florals, try adding stripes or polka dots to your wardrobe for a touch of lighthearted whimsy. 

Incorporate T-Shirts Into Your Spring Wardrobe

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple throughout all four seasons due to their comfort and versatility. They’re especially popular during the warmer seasons. Cotton, either alone or as part of a soft, stretchy blend, is the most comfortable t-shirt fabric. It washes easily and retains its good looks and comfortable feel even after repeated washings.

Pair a favorite tee with fresh spring fashions like this Lou Print shirt and white chinos to create a fun look for spring. Changing out the bottoms or adding a jacket can completely change the look. Opting for fresh spring accessories will add even more fun and stylish flair. The cozy feel and casual look of a t-shirt makes it the perfect base layer. It will look and feel great under a variety of other layering options. Try one under a quarter zip sweater or cardigan for a cozy look. Or top a tee with a lightweight, breathable linen vest or jacket for an extra layer of warmth when the changeable spring weather turns a little blustery.

Mix and Match Your Favorite Colors for a Flattering Look

You probably already know the most flattering colors for your skin and hair color. They’re the colors in which you feel your most vibrant. You may own tees in all of your favorite colors because you know how great they look on you. Even if your most flattering colors are jewel tones or neutrals, you can tone them down for spring by opting for lighter shades. Perhaps choose a rose pink instead of ruby red or a lighter tan rather than a rich, autumnal brown.

Even slight changes will breathe new life into a wardrobe that feels a bit stale after a long winter. Create a cohesive and flattering outfit by coordinating and accenting your favorite colors. Mix patterns and textures to add layers of interest over a basic tee and accent those layers with a splash of bold color. As long as the colors and patterns coordinate, you’ll have successfully created a stylish and flattering new look.

Don’t Forget the Spring Accessories

The right accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Spring outfits usually include brighter colors, bolder prints, and lighter-weight fabrics than you might have worn all winter. You’ll want to include accessories that complement this brighter, fresher look. Take inspiration from the vibrant spring life bursting into abundant growth all around you. Replace the dark and heavy feel of winter accessories with the lighter and brighter colors, playful patterns, and chunky jewelry of a new spring wardrobe.  If you can’t afford a whole new wardrobe for this season, a few of the right accessories can make old favorites like a comfy t-shirt feel refreshed.

Bring a touch of spring into your layered outfits with a pretty scarf, chic canvas bag, or floral jewelry. It might still be too cool for sandals, so opt for loafers or canvas flats instead. A braided fabric belt, the perfect pair of face-flattering sunglasses, and a stylish garden hat will complete your new spring look.

Experience the Family Britches Difference

Explore our collection to find the perfect pieces to brighten up your spring wardrobe. We have the special pieces you’ll need this season, whether for a casual garden party or an elegant spring soiree. At Family Britches, we treat each customer as if you are a part of our family. As such, we want you to always look and feel your best no matter the setting or season. Our stylists, both on-site and virtual, will help you find the spring clothing and accessories that are right for you. Then our tailors will ensure the perfect made-to-measure fit.  Contact us to learn more about our spring selections or to schedule a fitting.

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