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From Runway to Closet: Spring’s Must-Have High-End Fashion Colors

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While black remains a perennial favorite in high-end fashion, the 2023 Spring/Summer runways showcased a refreshing shift toward a more subtle and sophisticated color palette. This year, high-end fashion embraces a sense of muted luxury, designing classic pieces in colors that ooze effortless elegance. Some of the standout hues that will redefine your wardrobe this spring include:

Sage Green

Although a more muted interpretation of the popular green trend, sage, aka celadon, laurel, or pistachio green, offers a calming and versatile alternative. This color works beautifully in suits, jackets, and even casual separates, making it a perfect choice for work and leisure. Why not add depth to your business casual look with a pistachio green linen blazer paired with a crisp white button-down shirt?

Orange-Peel Tones

Soft orange and peach hues add a touch of warmth and playfulness to your wardrobe. Imagine a luxurious leather jacket in a rich orange shade or a flowing dress in a delicate apricot hue. For men, a dusty rose linen shirt offers a sophisticated take on the orange-peel color palette. This slightly cooler shade pairs awesomely with the warmth of the orange tones for a touch of elegance without losing the playful spirit of the trend.

Sunbeam Yellow

This season’s pale yellow outdoes trends and acts as the new neutral. Its subtle adaptability makes it a worthy investment that seamlessly transitions between cream and beige depending on the light. Pair a crisp pale yellow dress shirt with navy chinos for a daytime look, then swap the pants for charcoal trousers for a polished evening ensemble.

For men who are new to wearing yellow, stick to neutral colors such as blues, greens, grays, rusts, and browns. Such hues complement the brightness of yellow without being too overpowering. For casual outfits, experiment with vibrant shades of yellow, which look great when paired with cooler colors due to their contrasting effect.

Skylight/Pale Blue

For a breath of fresh air, this universally flattering color graces the runways in all its glory. Get a fashion-forward look by pairing sky blue with unexpected colors, like pink, muted yellow, red, and gold. You can never go wrong in pairing colors of the ocean, such as blue and green regardless of the shades. As an autumn color, beige goes perfectly well with any tints and shades of blue.

Chocolate Brown 

Even though the focus leans towards subtle sophistication, there’s still room for bolder choices. A 90s revival with staying power, this rich tone adds depth and richness to your wardrobe. Consider a pair of designer brown boots or a brown suit. Chocolate brown exudes a sense of sophistication that brings out a touch of nostalgia to contemporary fashion.

Cheerful Cherry Red

Dopamine dressing is still a thing! Red takes center stage as the color du jour, replacing the pinks of previous seasons. Opt for a statement red coat with a stirrup black legging or a show-stopping red dress with matching accessories, perfect for spring/summer soirées. For a “tough look,” consider a distressed bomber jacket with a red crewneck layered underneath.

Steel Gray and Snow White

While some might argue that gray and white are not trends, their enduring presence on the runways cannot be ignored. The key lies in exploring different textures and adding layers to these classic colors for a fresh, modern look. Layer a crisp, white linen shirt under a chunky, steel gray knit sweater to achieve a casually chic look.

Take it a step further by adding a soft-white blazer, ending up with a touch of timeless polish that surpasses trends. All-gray ensembles redefine understated elegance and offer a modern twist on classic sophistication. Incorporate textural variations, like pairing a charcoal cashmere sweater with slim-fit wool trousers in a lighter shade of gray.

Mirror Silver

Once relegated to the backburner, silver is making a triumphant return. From statement trousers to sleek bags, this metallic shade adds a touch of contemporary cool to any outfit. Men can incorporate this bold trend, subtly yet stylishly, with a pair of slim-fit silver chinos. It will instantly elevate a classic navy blazer and white button-down combo without overwhelming the outfit.

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