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How to Build a High Fashion Business Casual Spring Look

Young man wearing high-fashion business casual attire.

As the weather warms up, we’re able to plan our outfits with less of an eye toward the practical. With the advent of the high-fashion business casual spring/summer collections, we have even more inspiration to draw on and options to choose from. If you’re looking to keep your wardrobe current, versatile options like high-quality jeans for men and colorful blouses for women are a great place to start. 

Sophisticated Choices for Men

With more employees returning to the office, men need closets filled with appropriate and stylish options. High-fashion business casual outfits reign supreme as fewer professions require suits. And building a business casual wardrobe starts with the right slacks and jeans in various colors. Some of the hottest ensembles this year have been anchored by jeans. Look for washed denim and jeans with interesting fabrics, pocket placement, and color choices. Teleria and Alberto offer excellent selections.

Of course, jeans shouldn’t be your only pant choice. Formal office meetings, events, and social gatherings demand a dressier class of casual pants. A few pairs of slacks and trousers are perfect to pair with a sports shirt, lightweight sweater, vest, and sports coat. Look to Peter Millar & Codice, among other designers, for comfortable and fashionable sweater options. Waterville offers some sharp vest options as well.

Take the time to review your wardrobe and see what items you need to create a range of comfortable options that impress. Make sure you have enough sports shirts, especially a few solid options. Solid colors are excellent when the vibe is a bit more conservative or formal. Striped twill, small check, and dot shirts can also be great options. Also, for a little added flair, consider bold-colored stripes or interesting geometric patterns.

In cooler weather, envelop your sports shirt in a trendy vest or accent it in a sweater. A nice ribbed-tipped full-zip or double-knit zip cardigan can complement your outfit perfectly. You could also select a lightweight textured wool coat or cashmere blazer. Well suited for the warmer season, these fine fabrics can give your outfit the extra pizzazz it needs.

Chic Styles for Women

It’s not only time for men to review, toss, and upgrade their closets. Women should also indulge in a bit of spring closet cleaning and pepper their wardrobes with high-fashion business casual (and formal) fits that are comfortable, cute, and easy to maintain. Many top-flight looks have been effectively translated into perfect fits for the office this spring and summer.

Women’s everyday workwear can also combine casualty with high fashion. Faherty offers a raft of appropriately stylish choices perfect for the season. Not only are their blouses and dresses chic, but they are also comfortable, soft, and washable.

Adding a dash of color to your outfit’s neutral base can have a great effect. A colorful Rag & Bone blouse is the perfect touch of elegance for Spring. A Kinross cardigan or crew offers color yet is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. And for brisker days, a Porto or Floral print scarf may offer the panache your outfit needs to sign. These light layers are just what you need for stirring looks that are versatile and inspired.

Patterns can also be great to play with. Solid colors are great, but ensure you play it safe. Patterns can provide a touch of daring and help you stand out. They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but geometric designs, checks, stripes, and other shapes can help you project boldness and confidence when you need it most.

Whether you play up patterns or keep it simple with solids, consider your ensemble’s fit. Many people chase trends over how an outfit fits, feels, and highlights their natural physique. Your outfit shouldn’t be stylish yet uncomfortable. There are way too many great garments out there. With these tips, you may pull together a comfortable ensemble that looks better than anything you’ve seen on the runway.

Preparing the Perfect Wardrobe

Whether in or out of the office, now is the time to build out your wardrobe. You can shine in professional, social, and even online settings with the right combination of casual tops, bottoms, and accessories. When searching for the right spring attire, you can find high-quality style at Family Britches. Our brands offer professionals like you looks you’ll love that are perfect for any setting. And with employees spending more time in the office these days, dressing to impress is back in style.

Perhaps you’re not looking for specific pieces but rather where to start when it comes to dressing well. Our on-site and virtual stylists can give you the guidance you need to help you identify your unique style. And when you know what you like and what looks good on you, our free tailoring services will ensure your garments fit you well.

Shop online or visit us, and find outfits that marry high-fashion business casual at Family Britches today.

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