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Ultimate Guide to Father of the Bride Suits for Spring and Summer Weddings

Ultimate Guide to Father of the Bride Suits for Spring and Summer Weddings

Every father dreams of walking their daughter down the aisle as it is the culmination of the special bond they share. The moment should be picture perfect, not just for them but for everyone.  As the bride’s father, you have the most important role in the wedding ceremony. You will be the center of attraction with the bride. Choosing the father of the bride suits is never an easy task, but let the locale and theme of the wedding guide you, and prepare in advance. Here are tips to help you. 

Dress to the Formality of the Wedding in Father of the Bride Suits

A casual wedding by the seaside would alienate you if you showed up in a tux. Instead, a light shade on a khaki suit feels more at home on the beach. To avoid decking out, coordinate with what the groom will wear. 

If it suits, keep it suits as well and only go the tux way when the theme is very formal for the wedding. A classic black tuxedo works well in a combo with black patent shoes and a bow tie. 

For a more traditional look, a dark suit (charcoal, navy, or black), plus a solid tie, is sufficiently formal for most weddings. Match it with a crisp white shirt. 

Bright blue suits are the trend if you decide on a suit instead of a tux. Shirts and ties should complement the “colors” for the event, and sports coats and linen shirts might be appropriate for warmer climates or beach weddings. 

Often, rehearsal dinners call for coordinated outfits, whether casual jeans or hybrid, less structured jackets over slacks and highlighted by a print shirt of brighter colors in solids or patterns.

Distinguish From the Groom’s People 

Little tweaks to the attire enhance that special feeling of walking your daughter through the next stage of her life. Vary the tie color or wear a lightweight wool tuxedo with a formal shirt when the groom’s people don a classic black tux. 

If you boast a great sense of style, show off with a bold color, patterned tire, or others. Leverage your fun personality and fashion sense to compliment your daughter’s bridal wardrobe for cohesiveness. 

While the enthusiasm is understandable, avoid the pitfall of outdressing the groom. Your goal is to make your daughter proud and feel confident as you stand beside her. Keep this in mind. 

Add a Hint of Personality to Father of the Bride Suits

If you are a man of style, use it to your advantage in a wedding day ensemble, but make sure you don’t go overboard and be a total outfit mismatch on such an important event. 

bespoke suit or tuxedo allows some flexibility (custom shops work your style into a suit or tuxedo) to ensure you abide by the rules. 

Another way you can sprinkle some personality into the attire is through accessories. Cufflinks, shoes, and socks always work magic on wedding attires. However, accessories should be formal but in lighter (white) or whimsical colors to match the bridal party. 


While little tweaks to your attire add a bit of distinction between the groom’s and bride’s people, stick with one color. Not most dads in a wedding ceremony fancy the idea of twinning. Even if that were the case, pick a different color for each dad. Coordinate. 

A single wedding color will create harmony in videos and photos. 

Deciding to Buy or Rent

A new suit or tuxedo can cost a pretty penny, but it is up to the bride’s dad to decide. The decision to purchase a new suit or tuxedo will take you back a couple of large ones. However, owning comes with benefits.

You’ll use the suit or tux on other occasions, and, more importantly, it will serve as memorabilia. It is not every day that your daughter walks down the aisle. 

Choice Between Custom-Made and Ready-Made

Matching the theme or the formality of the wedding is only halfway there. You also need suitable quality attire that is your best fit. 

Buying ready-made clothes may be the fastest and easiest way to dress for the occasion, especially when there is little time to prepare. Nonetheless, it comes with its disadvantages. 

The sizes and styles are often standardized, and finding the attire that is according to your preferences and matches the theme of the wedding may not be easy. 

Made-to-measure clothing with personal (and virtual) stylist services allows for the best fit and adds some personality. The hands-on approach by Family Britches and focus on the customer ensures that your wedding suit or tuxedo is perfect. 

Find the Perfect Father of the Bride Suits at Family Britches

Sometimes dads don’t want to feel like a burden to anyone, even their daughters, and will pretend to be fine in the old stand-bys they use for every occasion. Remember this is a once-in-a-lifetime special moment, and you and your daughter will remember it for the rest of your lives. Let her remember that you were the best dressed you have ever been. 

Deep down, you want to look cute and attract the right attention, so don’t just say that you’ll be fine. Take action. 

Family Britches have 100+ combined years’ expertise in making attires for every occasion. We welcome you to contact us for personal wardrobe consultations or visit our retail store in Chappaqua, NY.

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