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A wedding in Buffalo in June. A suit for the groom.

A groom-to-be from Brooklyn asked his friend where was the best menswear store for quality clothing and personal service. His friend suggested Family Britches. 

The Intro

The gentleman lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He asked his best friend, “where do I go to work with a trusted menswear store that has quality clothing and personalized service.”

His friend has been a customer since he was a young boy. So, he suggested a call to Family Britches.

Finding the Perfect Match

Saturday afternoon, we made an appointment to review the options. Customer explained that they were being married in Buffalo in June. Was there a theme, I asked? What about the groomsmen’s attire and the bridesmaids? We discussed the details of the wedding party and location.

Pulled a few options in the customer’s size. We tried on the navy solid from two manufacturers. We tried on a grey and a pattern. Customer was able to articulate that he want something with more “pop.”

We tried on a bright blue Canali with a textured weave and simple pattern. He loved it.

Tailoring for the Perfect Fit 

Into the dressing room to try the trouser and thin pinstripe shirt with contrasting navy buttons. The smile on his face is worth a thousand words.

Our master tailor completed marking the suit and tapering the shirt. We decided to reconvene in a few weeks, to do a final fitting and review accessories for the groomsmen.

The Aftermath

He told me who sent him when we were done.

I thanked the friend via an email on Sunday. The friend shared that the customer texted him after he left, thanking him for the referral. Customer had a wonderful experience and could check off his wedding list, his shirt and suit. 

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