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Three Reasons Why Suits Are Still a Critical Component of Every Man’s Wardrobe


It’s tempting to believe that the men’s suits have somehow gone out of style or are a thing of the past. You wouldn’t be alone in this thinking. However, it’s just not true. 

Men’s suits are just as necessary in today’s wardrobe as they ever were in the past.

We live in a casual world. Most jobs don’t require suits and business casual has become the norm. With that said, a suit is still an essential part of every man’s wardrobe. While you may not wear it every day, sometimes a suit is the best possible outfit to wear for an occasion. When those occasions arise, and they will, you don’t want to be caught without a suit that fits you and reflects your style.

And this is the problem. Maybe you bought a suit ten years ago and it’s been hanging out in the back of your closet ever since. It might be time to pull it out and see if it’s something you would still want to wear to a job interview, wedding, or another big day. There’s nothing worse than showing up at the new office wearing a suit that no longer fits correctly or doesn’t reflect who you are and where you are in life. 

If you still need convincing, here are a few reasons you should have at least one suit in your wardrobe.

Wearing Suits Gives You a Confidence Boost

There is nothing quite like a quality suit that fits you just right to make you feel confident and ready for anything. A suit pulls you together and just looks good. If you are heading into a potentially game-changing meeting with higher-ups to pitch a project, do you want to settle for ‘business casual?’ Or how about a job interview, a special occasion, a high-end restaurant, or finally closing that amazing deal. For these occasions and many more, a suit is what you want to be wearing. 

Sure, you could wear those gray slim-fit chinos and a polo shirt. But you will not feel the same level of easy self-assurance you get when wearing a suit tailored for your body. No matter who you are, a quality suit and coordinated accessories elevate your look and the way you feel. This confidence shows in your mannerisms and the way you carry yourself. Others will notice.

It’s Better to Have One and Not Need It Than to Need It and Not Have It

Nothing is worse than realizing you need a suit and don’t have one. That feeling of having to rush to the nearest department store to find an appropriate suit with no time to have it altered and not enough time to find just the right one for the occasion. Can you imagine showing up to a special occasion in an ill-fitting suit that you don’t even like?

While it’s a good idea to have one suit hanging in your closet to wear to a special occasion or professional event, it’s an even better idea to have two. A nice, classic navy blue suit is always good. Your second suit may be a nice, casual light gray or a royal blue pattern, or it may be decidedly formal. Either way, you can rest easy knowing you are ready for any occasion.

A Good Suit Conveys Authority and Gives Credibility

Going back to that job interview or big meeting. It’s just a fact that wearing a suit lends an air of authority and boosts your credibility. A suit says that you are taking the situation seriously enough to dress the part. Whether people realize it or don’t, the suit sends a message that you are there to do business and that you should be taken seriously. 

It’s a sad fact that many people simply don’t dress the part for important occasions. If you show up for a job interview wearing a nicely tailored suit with a crisp shirt underneath, you will set yourself apart from other candidates. You will make an impression. People will remember that you not only looked amazing but that you put effort into showing up looking like you mean business.

Finding the Right Suit

If the idea of wearing a suit brings to mind images of stuffy professors or drab, poorly fitted business suits, it’s time to reacquaint yourself with what a suit can look like. When was the last time you shopped for a suit?

Today’s suits can be a mix of classic and modern, stylish and eclectic, structured and individualistic. And when the suit is tailored to fit you perfectly, it truly becomes yours. You’ll be surprised at the array of colors, patterns, and fabrics available. As for styles, a suit can be casual, fun, serious, formal, businesslike, or romantic. 

Once you find the suit that suits you, you’ll see exactly why it’s still important to have at least one in your wardrobe.

If you are in the market for the perfect suit, contact us at Family Britches. We can help you find a suit that elevates your wardrobe so you can be ready for anything.

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