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Men’s Guide: 3 Good Occasions for Wearing Big Floral Prints

For many years, floral prints were closely associated with feminine clothing. However, beginning in the ’60s and ’70s, bold floral prints became increasingly common for all genders. These days, many men reach for floral patterns when they want to make a strong impression. If you’re struggling with how and when to wear your florals, Family Britches can assist, with suggestions for the perfect times to rock your bold floral prints.

3 Occasions for Rocking Big Floral Prints

Bold floral prints tend to draw every eye. Sometimes, it might feel inappropriate to wear bold prints and patterns, such as formal parties or religious ceremonies. However, some occasions call for your brightest patterns, and these three types of events are just the ticket.

Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are typically more casual than weddings hosted in churches and other indoor venues. Many outdoor weddings require semi-casual or informal dress, such as sundresses for women and khaki pants for men. If you want to follow the dress code but still make a splash, consider rocking one of your bold floral prints, either in a shirt or jacket form.

Pair one bold piece with one neutral piece, such as a floral shirt with beige or cream pants. Additionally, always confirm the dress code for the event ahead of time, so you know exactly what’s appropriate and what will make you feel comfortable.

Casual BBQ

Gathering for a BBQ at a friend or relative’s house is one of the most beloved traditions of the spring and summer. There’s not usually a dress code at such events, but it still shows respect to your host to wear something attractive and stylish. Try out a floral print shirt or shorts at your next BBQ or outdoor dinner, and you’ll fulfill both requirements.

Florals are a natural part of any outdoor celebration. They are an organic print and often come in comfortable, casual fabrics like linen or cotton. These lightweight materials are ideal for spring and summer, helping you stay cool and look stylish.

Pool Party

Nothing says summer like a pool party, and if you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard or even a friend with a pool, odds are good you’ll be spending a lot of time lounging around the water. In between sessions in the water, rock a floral tee for a pop of bold design and color. You can also opt for floral swimming trunks for a whimsical touch.

Of course, floral prints work particularly well for a themed pool party, especially if that theme is Hawaiian or tropical. Just check with the party host before planning your outfit, so you can be sure to stay on-trend.

Tips for Wearing Big Floral Prints

If you aren’t sure how to style your floral prints, consider these suggestions:

  • Think of simple silhouettes. For example, pick pieces that have clean lines, such as a floral tee with a simple pair of khaki shorts. These clean lines help the prints take center stage.
  • Try pairing floral shirts with denim. This combination is casual yet striking, perfect for outdoor parties or semi-casual events.
  • Try mixing prints. Once you’ve mastered wearing a single floral piece, try your hand at mixing prints. Think of color and scale if trying this styling trick, using similar colors to coordinate the different prints.

If you’re ever uncertain about a look or a particular piece, ask a friend whose advice you trust for their opinion. Your friend might be able to suggest some styling tips or a different pair of shoes, something small that can change up the whole look and give you the confidence you need to make a strong impression.

Get Style Inspiration From Family Britches

The most important thing to wear with your big floral prints is a confident attitude. With the confidence that a great style gives you, you’ll be empowered to have a great time, no matter where you’re going. If you want personalized styling help, or if you’re looking for your next fabulous outfit, Family Britches is here to help.

We offer a curated selection of high-quality clothing and accessories for the whole family, including custom tailoring services. If you want a fabulous floral shirt or a finely tailored suit jacket, you can find it at Family Britches. Contact us or call us at (800) 781-2088 to learn more about our clothes and services! We can’t wait to help you make a splash this spring and summer.

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