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Struggling to Throw Out Older Clothes? Our Personal Virtual Stylist Is Here to Help


You might have a pile of old clothes languishing in your wardrobe that you want to throw away. You may want to clear space for more trendy outfits or have outgrown most of them. Perhaps you want to embrace a minimalist lifestyle. But whatever the reason, getting rid of old clothes is easier said than done.     

Although throwing them may seem easy, most people struggle with the dilemma of deciding what to throw and what to keep. Even after identifying what to throw, you must decide how to do it responsibly. As a result, throwing them out becomes a process. Fortunately, a personal virtual stylist may help you through the process. 

Here are tips on how to get rid of old clothes.

Categorize the Clothes

The first step is sorting your clothes. Make sure all the clothes are clean and free from stains. This will help you see the real value of what you are about to throw away. Separate all the clothes by type for easier sorting. 

You can set categories for the clothes that you sort. For instance, you can have the following categories; what to keep, donate, resell, throw away, and repurpose. 

Label each pile to avoid confusion. 

Ensure what you decide to donate is respectful to the potential recipient. Clothes that wouldn’t fetch any money or that don’t make a person feel good aren’t fit for donation. Thus don’t donate torn or stained pieces. 

Consider Reselling Old Clothes 

You can also resell some clothes in person or online. You can sell used clothing to a consignment shop, but make sure you understand their terms. Some will pay you when your items sell, while others will pay you on the spot. Visiting several stops may also help you get the best prices. 

Garage or yard sales offer convenient ways of disposing of your clothing while recouping some cash. Alternatively, you can sell them online. Some platforms where you can sell clothes include eBay, Tradesy, Poshmark, and Thredup.

Make Old Clothes Work for You

Think about how you can build a capsule wardrobe with your old favorites. You can engage a personal virtual stylist to guide you on what to keep and eliminate. Some of your old outfits just need something to pair with to look new. For instance, instead of throwing away a shirt, you can buy new pants to match it.  

Some pieces with holes, missing buttons, and jammed zippers need DIY repairs to be as good as new. Learning simple DIY clothing repairs can help you reduce the clothes you want to throw and save money on new purchases. You can also watch online tutorials and get valuable tips on giving your clothes a second life.

You may have some old pieces your friends like; give them for free. But ensure they are interested and they will wear them. The aim is for them to appreciate and not pass the responsibility of throwing old clothes onto someone else.  

You can also plan a clothing swap with family and friends. This is an excellent way of getting rid of old clothes while getting something in return. You might add beautiful pieces to your wardrobe without spending a penny.   

Repurposing old clothes into reusable towels, household rugs, and wipe cloths for your home is a quick option. Animal shelters and rescues also need used towels for bedding and cleaning up pet messes. If you are artistic, you can weave old sweaters into pet beds and snuffle mats for dogs.  

Identify the Gap in Your Wardrobe

After getting rid of your old clothes, you will have a gap in your wardrobe. The final step is to find their replacement. This is the perfect time to move from fast to sustainable fashion and buy pieces you will hold longer. 

However, finding off-the-rack clothing that will fit you perfectly and match your style may be challenging. Consider made-to-measure clothing. This service will get you the perfect custom-fitting outfit. You will also choose a design, fabric, pattern, and print that reflects your style. 

Custom tailoring is another great option that lets you collaborate with a tailor to produce clothes personalized to your measurements. The tailor works with you throughout the process and asks about your preferences to ensure the best results.   

Final Words

Getting rid of old clothes is not a simple process. You must sort out what is worth keeping and find responsible ways of throwing away what you don’t want. Moreover, you will need to plan on finding suitable replacements to fill the gap in your wardrobe. This is why you will need a virtual personal stylist. Contact us today for consultation on throwing out old clothes and finding new ones that feel comfortable and look nice. 

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