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How to Choose the Right Boys’ Wear for Bar and Bat Mitzvah


In Judaism, the coming-of-age ceremony, a bar mitzvah for boys and a bat mitzvah for girls, is both a solemn and celebratory occasion. Translated from Hebrew as the son or daughter of the commandment, respectively, the ritual signifies the beginning of a boy or girl’s religious maturity. 

After years of study, a boy accepts his responsibility once he reaches the age of 13, regardless of his Judaic sect. However, girls reach the age of responsibility at 12 in Orthodox Judaism. Adulthood is at the age of 13 in the Conservative, Reconstructionist, and Reform traditions.  

Choosing the correct attire for a boy who’s been invited to a bar or bat mitzvah is a sign of respect for the seriousness of the ceremony.  

The Correct Outfit for a Boy Attending a Bar or Bat Mitzvah 

Bar or bat mitzvah ceremonies take place in a synagogue, private home, or rental hall. The appropriate attire can vary slightly depending on location and Jewish tradition. That said, males should dress conservatively in each situation. 

Proper Attire for a Ceremony Held in a Synagogue 

A service held in a synagogue requires the most formal attire. Boys and men should wear a suit and tie with conservative colors and prints.  


A yarmulke or kippah is a head covering. Wearing one is a sign of respect for God and the Jewish faith. Although visitors have the option of wearing a yarmulke or not, Jewish males are required to do so. Women may also wear head coverings to services held by more liberal denominations. 

Some families might offer keepsake yarmulkes custom embroidered with their son or daughter’s name. Many synagogues also provide paper kippahs for individuals as they enter the sanctuary. The key point is that the respectful male, regardless of faith, should cover his head before entering a service in a synagogue.  

The Tallit 

Members of the Jewish faith only wear a prayer shawl or tallit. The shawl’s four corners feature braided fringe, symbolizing Judaism’s commandments. The tallit is for Jewish males. Women can also wear the sacred shawl in more liberal traditions. 

Respectful Attire for a Boy Attending a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Outside of a Synagogue 

Clothing precepts are less formal for guests attending a bar or bat mitzvah held at a private home or rented space. However, guests should remain mindful of the respect due to the occasion. 

A suit and tie may not be required; however, boys and adult males should wear pressed trousers or khakis and a conservative collared shirt tucked and accompanied by a belt.  

Yarmulkes and tallits aren’t typically worn to services held outside of a synagogue. However, that can vary depending on the celebrant’s traditions. 

Plan on Wearing Business Casual or Business Formal Attire to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah 

If you envision acceptable business casual attire with slacks, a neatly tucked-in shirt, a belt, and polished nonathletic shoes that you can wear to work or many Christian religious services, you’ll fit in just fine to most bar or bat mitzvah ceremonies. 

With that in mind, if a service is planned to take place in a synagogue, then attire should be elevated to a suit and tie. Bear in mind, however, that business formal is not the same as a formal tux. 

Enjoy the Honor of Being in a Bar or Bat Mitzvah 

You now have a general rule of thumb for what to wear to a bar or bat mitzvah if the invitation doesn’t specify the preferred dress. That said, you can contact the host or hostess to get a clearer perspective of expectations. 

The key takeaway is to remember that this sacred ritual is an important rite of passage in the Jewish faith. It requires your respect in both manner and dress. It’s an honor to be a guest. Embrace the occasion’s solemnity and enjoy the celebration. 

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