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7 Tips for Building a New Wardrobe Around Your Old Favorites and New Buys


Men tend to have a few favorites when it comes to clothing. Although they don’t have a closet jam-packed with clothes, men rarely complain that they have nothing to wear. Moreover, they are less likely to buy new clothing on a whim. But this isn’t a reason to have a boring wardrobe. 

You can build a new wardrobe by coordinating your old clothes with new buys. Creating a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you must buy everything new. Here are tips on getting a new look without spending much money or throwing away your old favorites. 

1. Mix and Match

Learning to mix and match is the trick to coordinating new clothes with outfits already in your closet. Creating new looks from old clothes is more of an art, but you’ll save some serious cash once you learn it. 

You don’t have to wear the same old outfits. Instead, try combinations you have never worn or thought were possible. Pick trousers and a shirt you’ve never tried before, and find a nice pair of shoes and a belt to pair with the new look. Alternatively, you can purchase a single outfit and pair it with an old one.  

2. Play Boggle With Your Wardrobe

Playing boggle involves finding as many words as possible on a grid. Your goal is to uncover what words you’re missing. But how do you play boggle with your wardrobe?

Reorganize your wardrobe by placing old clothes in new places. Most often, we are stuck by seeing the same clothes in the same places every day. A new arrangement brings a fresh perspective that may help identify a new “word.” from the same old clothes. Also, this is an opportunity to eliminate the garments that are out of fashion (like pleated pants) or worn. 

3. Consider Finding a Personal Virtual Stylist

You can set up a wardrobe consultation with a personal virtual stylist. The stylist will save you from wardrobe frustration by suggesting the ideal outfit to complement your style. Moreover, they will recommend new purchases that will fit in with the existing clothes. 

A personal virtual stylist may coordinate an appropriate custom outfit for a specific event. Some events, such as job interviews and business conferences, make choosing the right attire challenging. But with a virtual stylist, you don’t have to worry about selecting the right outfit. You can find an all-rounded stylist specializing in casual, professional, and business wear.

The best thing about a personal virtual stylist is that you will receive all the services in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to visit them physically but via virtual video conference.  

4. Layer Your Clothes

Layering your clothes is one of the best ways of coordinating new and old clothes, especially in winter. Instead of wearing a huge sloppy jumper, be unique by layering thinner garments. Layering depends on the season; the warmer the season, the fewer layers you can wear.

For instance, wear a vest not under but rather over your shirt, add a cardigan or jumper, and layer with a trench coat. You can complete the look with a statement hat and scarf.     

5. Accessorize and Play With Details

Accessories allow you to add style and personality to new or old clothes. Ties, bow ties, belts, tie clips, watches, scarves, hats, and cufflinks are perfect for adding flair. But accessorizing needs you to be bold; be different, and daring. 

Surprise is a great weapon when pulling an ensemble. You can add statement jewelry, a coat, or a jacket in style with your outfit. Shoes can also help you pull a unique look. 

6. Mix Textures, Prints, and Stripes

You probably have clothes in different stripes, prints, and textures that you thought you could never mix. But coordinating new buys with old favorites requires thinking outside the box. Mix those patterns to create new styles. 

Be different; wear a different style of shirt with your trousers. One of the best tips for mixing prints is to match colors, not patterns. Prints will likely look good together if the colors look great together. Simpler prints are easier to mix. This is why black and white stripes combine well with everything. 

Graphic prints mix well with each other or with organic and complex prints like animal and floral prints. While complicated patterns may look great together, pulling off color and scale coordination isn’t easy.  

7. Be Creative With Footwear

Shoes give insight into a man’s preferences and tastes. As a result, men invest more in shoes than clothes. Being creative with your footwear can help your outfits look different. Popular men’s shoes include brogues, loafers and slip-ons, derby shoes, and ankle boots. The best shoes will depend on your outfit and season. For instance, ankle boots can help keep your feet warm in the colder months, while slip-ons are great for the summer.   


Coordinating new buys and old favorites can be frustrating for men because they have few pieces of clothing. However, a personal virtual stylist takes the guesswork and frustration out of your wardrobe. Feel free to contact us and schedule a wardrobe consultation today from the comfort of your home and upgrade your wardrobe without throwing away your old favorites.

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