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The Return of Floral: Reinventing a Classic for Modern Spring Fashion

Man wearing a blouse with floral prints walking outdoors.

Springtime is renowned for its vibrant floral blossoms. Every tree, flowering bush, and blossoming garden bed fills the air with color and fragrance. A flower-filled springtime is a paradise for bees, hummingbirds, and women’s fashion all at once. Now is the perfect time to break out your favorite floral prints. Spruce up your wardrobe with chic new additions to your fabric garden.

The Timeless Charm of Floral Prints in the Spring

Floral prints have always been a springtime favorite. Every spring, ladies attend garden parties, bask in waterside sunshine, and embark on exciting shopping ventures bedecked in their favorite floral pieces. Sun dresses with floral prints are the heart and soul of spring (and summer), adding the classic beauty of the flowers themselves to the elegant charm of a simple yet flattering dress.

Floral blouses bring a bright personality to any outfit. On the other hand, floral sweaters allow you to keep warm in the sometimes chilly spring breezes while still celebrating the vibrancy of the season.

Floral Is Retaking High Fashion

This year, however, floral is not just a classic feminine look that rejoices in the natural beauty of spring. Floral prints are taking contemporary high fashion by storm. No matter which runway you are watching, you’re sure to see a few floral-chic pieces dominating at least one catwalk ensemble.

Designer Phillip Lim has gone wild for busy floral patterns. From the runway-featured maxi dress to skirts, blouses, and even shoes. Balenciaga is also embracing florals, from light and dreamy peonies to dark and moody anemones.

Burberry with their iconic sweaters is going for a post-modern painted floral look. Giovanni Giannoni embraces florals in several ways. From the single dramatic rose on a solid dress to the playful bikini of button flowers. Not to mention the more out-there runway pieces that are silk flowers in every direction.

Adding Floral Chic to Your Spring Look

Now is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe as floral prints once again take the spotlight in contemporary fashion. Choose your favorite flower, and your favorite color palette, and get ready to balance your florals artfully with solid fabrics that make your entire ensemble pop. Here are a few hot tips on how to add beautiful floral prints to your spring wardrobe.

Pair Jeans With a Floral Blouse

Jeans look good with anything, and a floral blouse creates that perfect balance between casual and dressy. Balance the blue of your jeans with a soft or bold color palette of your floral blouse to give yourself a soft spring or summer look that is equally ready for a fancy dinner or a day of downtown shopping.

Reveal Flowers Under a Soft Jacket

Floral prints are fantastic for layering, and look good under almost any jacket. A floral blouse or knit under denim is a classic casual look, while a floral sweater under a more formal soft jacket spices up your outfit for a more dressy occasion. Combine with solid color trousers in black or white to create a striking contrast between the soft floral and a stylish ready-for-business look.

Float Down the Avenue in a Floral Maxi Dress and Shades

Floral maxi dresses are always in fashion, and this year, they are on every fashion runway. Soak up the sun with a light breeze to subtly gain that movie-star look. Combine your favorite floral maxi dress with a trendy hat and your most fashionable pair of shades. Mix and max accessories depending on whether you want to look like a bohemian goddess or Audrey Hepburn.

Sweeten Your Formal Attire With a Floral Lace Wrap

Floral lace is one of the sweetest looks in history that adds timeless beauty to any outfit. We love the look of floral lace sweaters, boleros, or shawls, each adding their style of elegance to a graceful dress or blouse ensemble. Floral lace wraps look best with formal attire, but they can also be used to turn a cute casual outfit into a flirtatious date night look.

Brighten Up Your Outfits With Floral Prints this Spring

To tastefully add floral colors to your wardrobe, simply coordinate them with your other outfit components. Use your sense of balance and aesthetic to build the perfect ensemble for each unique floral piece. 

Family Britches is the first place to look for elegant, cheerful, and high-fashion floral prints this year. Explore our collection to discover the perfect pieces to bring color and joy to your wardrobe this spring. Contact us to inquire about your favorite colors, styles, and custom fittings.

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