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Complete Guide to Finding Comfortable, Stylish, and Well-Fitting Turtlenecks for Men


Despite being overlooked in men’s fashion and considered outdated because of its popularity in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, turtlenecks are staple apparel in the wardrobe of the well-dressed. In addition, this type of sweater has experienced a sudden comeback among stylish gentlemen in the modern age. Read on to learn more about turtleneck sweaters, including how they should fit, style, and find the right men’s turtleneck.

What Is a Turtleneck?

A turtleneck is a sweater with a high collar folded over itself, creating a double layer at the neck. Wearers can dress these sweaters in various ways, from sleek classic ways to casual or street-style affairs. In the past, turtleneck sweaters created slim fits to the wearer’s body and were designed to have a ribbed knit on the folded neck portion.

While the name derives from the visual resemblance to a turtle’s skin folds on the neck, turtleneck is often used interchangeably or confused with other sweaters. For example, Mock Neck, Polo Neck, Roll Neck, Skivvy, and Zip Neck are some typical sweaters that resemble turtlenecks. However, these sweaters differ slightly from turtlenecks since others have long, looser, zipped, or high tubular necks.

Types of Turtlenecks for Men

Different types of turtlenecks exist to make them simple to wear and style, whether looking for classic or oversized turtleneck sweaters.

Classic Turtleneck

These include the first turtleneck designs that came about in the early 40s and 50s. Classic turtlenecks are relatively tight-fitting throughout the body and in the neckline. Besides, the neck is slim and thin, and as the original type of turtleneck, these sweaters offer a simple yet elegant fashion. Today, you can wear a classic turtleneck with seasonal fashion styles, from pants to shores and everything in between.

Cable Knit Turtleneck

A cable knit turtleneck is designed from cable-knit sweaters with a knitted pattern but is thicker than the classic turtleneck style. Cable knit turtlenecks are suitable when dressing a turtleneck with more casual outfits like corduroys or jeans. You can also include a fashionable blazer or coast over it for a perfect fit.

Oversized Turtleneck Sweater

These are up-and-coming men’s turtleneck fashion trends, ideal during colder days with a heavier jacket over them. It is a perfect fit when looking for casual wear to the office rather than to a fancy dinner with friends, a lover, or coworkers.

Zip Turtleneck

Like a quarter zip, zip turtlenecks feature a small zipper running from the chest area to the top of the neck. Again, this turtleneck does not bend over or fold but extends to the top of the neck area, similar to the classic turtleneck. However, when wearing this type of turtleneck, you need to wear a more tight-fitting shirt or an undershirt underneath.

Cowl Neck Sweater

Cowl neck sweaters are closer to a sweater than a turtleneck, but the style resembles turtlenecks. It is a great alternative to turtlenecks with a looser neck and usually falls over toward the front. You can include a cowl neck sweater in your wardrobe as it is part of the turtleneck fashion industry. Due to its looser neck, you might consider warmer coats or jackets when it becomes chilly.

Choosing the Right Men’s Turtleneck

With several types and fit options for turtlenecks, it is essential to consider various factors when finding a comfortable, stylish, and well-fitting turtleneck. Here are some things to consider;


The colors you choose for your turtleneck should include seasonal fashion. For instance, white and off-white are ideal turtleneck colors for winter, contrasting the dark colors of the distinctive wintertime outfit. For summer, consider lighter colors, such as off-white, tans, beige, blues, and gray. Darker tans, oranges, deep yellow, navy, and browns are perfect for fall.


Turtlenecks are designed to be tighter on the body to complement the neckline that sits tight around the neck for warmth. However, when it comes to fit, it is a personal preference for what makes you feel comfortable. It also depends on the style of each turtleneck, such as cowl neck sweaters that are looser on the neck.

Turtlenecks also come in different weight classes, where some have thicker materials while others have thinner, layered materials. With turtlenecks, thinner materialled-turtlenecks, you will find them the tightest compared to thicker materialled-turtlenecks.


You can wear turtlenecks as undershirts or a shirt underneath, especially with a larger sweater turtleneck. Nonetheless, it is recommended to wear turtlenecks as undershirts since they are tight-fitting and provide adequate warmth.

How to Style a Turtleneck Sweater

Turtlenecks are unique in menswear and can be dressed easier than most garments. Here are some exciting ways to wear turtlenecks with style.

Turtlenecks With Suits

Turtlenecks are ideal when wearing a suit as it makes the style appear softer. For instance, you can combine a gray turtleneck with a navy suit to achieve a different look than wearing a white shirt and a tie. However, avoid combinations like a turtleneck with stripped suites and a jacket.

Turtlenecks for Evening Wear

Turtlenecks combine best with a tuxedo or dinner jacket, especially when you get a perfect blend of colors. Besides a black tie that creates a sturdier level of formality, a turtleneck presents a more appealing dress code for evening wear.

Wearing Turtleneck Casually

A thinner knit under layering apparel like a denim shirt or an overshirt is a great option to dress a turtleneck sweater. Finishing the dress code with a pair of jeans and boots creates flawless casual wear. You can also enhance a casual turtle sweater with flannel trousers or corduroy and a pea coat.

Bottom Line

Choosing comfortable, stylish, and well-fitting turtlenecks for men is crucial for your overall fashion regardless of the season. Considering the color, type of turtleneck, layering, fit, and style options are crucial to get you started. At Family Britches, we can help you get the fitting turtleneck and stand out. Contact us to learn more, or check out our turtleneck collections for men today.

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