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Different Sweater Neck Styles for Men and How to Choose the Right One

Different Sweater Neck Styles for Men and How to Choose the Right One

Why are sweaters a vital aspect of any man’s wardrobe? Sweaters are the perfect interface between a casual and formal style. The versatility of sweaters allows you to pair them with blazers and slacks or denim and a t-shirt. But sweaters come in different shapes and sizes. This article focuses on the different sweater neck styles for men and provides a guide on how to choose them. Keep reading to find out more!

Crew Neck Sweaters

These are among the most commonly rocked sweater styles by men. They are also one of the simplest. Crew neck sweaters have a round neckline with a thin band of ribbing that slightly increases their thickness. The crew neck was first made to strengthen the shoulder pads of football players and keep them from rubbing against their skin.

Crew neck sweaters are good-looking, and you can pair them with different clothing. But, they are not ideal for pairing with neckties. 

Quarter Zip Sweater Neck Styles

The truth is that everyone loves versatility, especially when it comes to the clothes we wear. Well, the thick fabric of quarter zip sweaters makes them ideal for cool, chilly days and a must-have all year round. You can choose to rock these pullovers with your best dress pants when hitting the golf course or opt for a totally casual look. Regardless, you need at least a one-quarter zip pullover in your wardrobe.

Quarter zips also have a durable and high-performance fabric that makes them the right choice to pair with any outfit. Their comfy nature makes them wearable on any occasion, be it in the office, golf course, or everywhere in between. 

V-Neck Sweaters

V-neck sweaters provide the obvious answer to the setbacks of the crew neck sweaters. This is because their neckline usually has a V-shaped design at the front. The advantage of this V-shape design is that it leaves room to enable you to wear a tie. 

These are your ideal type of sweaters if you love a casual look that allows room for neckties and collared shirts. 

Turtleneck Sweaters

Turtleneck sweaters offer a classic style with a tall collar that usually folds on itself. You can also leave the collar unfolded and doubled over, making it form a thick band around the neck.

Turtlenecks are perfect for cold weather because of their thick nature. They also make an ideal dressed-down replacement for the typical collars that tend to face downwards, as mostly seen on dress shirts.

The doubling over on turtleneck sweaters adds bulk. This makes them suitable layering items. It is easy to confuse turtlenecks with roll necks. But you can tell them apart by their fit and fold. 

Roll-Neck Sweaters

These types of sweaters usually resemble turtlenecks that are baggier. A roll-neck sweater would partially cover your face when fully stretched upwards. But it has a broader opening and an unfastened knit, creating room for a loose-fitting roll around the lower neck.

A good and comfortable fit would be a narrow roll neck with a broad opening. This is because it is easy to layer.

Notch Neck Sweaters

The notch neck closely resembles the V-neck. It has a simple round opening all-round but has a minor V-shaped cutout in front, just below your chin. The notch neck offers a more casual style made to add some visibility to the standard pullover sweater. 

Their design allows more muscular men to flash their well-built upper chests. You will mostly see this design on the lightest and tightest knit sweaters. The most common are brighter ones, which younger men prefer to rock with trendy outfits.

Cowl Sweater Neck Styles

Cowl necks are usually at the extreme end of baggy necks. The tube of fabric around the sweater’s neck opening is broad and soft. This means that you don’t need to fold it but rather slump it down into a pile of unfastened cloth.

Cowl neck sweaters allow for a baggy, rumpled, and relaxed look. They are perfect for cold weather, giving you a very warm feeling for the upper body. Cowl necks are malleable, allowing you to shift and flop the pile around, spread, and bundle. 

Shawl Neck Sweaters

Shawl neck sweaters have a wide collar around their necks that is usually turned over. It is narrow at the front around the chest area, a feature mostly witnessed on cardigans or half-zip sweaters.

Shawl necks exhibit the traits of a suit but retain the softness of a sweater. They are a beneficial top layer ideal to put on in casual scenarios. Shawl necks also allow you to wear a tie, while denim can tone them down into basic indoor wear.

Polo Collar Sweaters

Most people associate “polo sweaters” with pullovers designed by Ralph Lauren. Even so, there are some light-knit sweaters with a turndown collar known as polo collar sweaters. They come with a one-to-three button placket that is similar to that of a polo shirt.

Polo collar sweaters are usually lightweight. This makes them ideal for the summer weather, particularly on the tennis court. You can also layer them under heavier sweater styles during cold months.

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