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The Eisenhower Jacket and 4 Other Origins of Popular Men’s Jacket Styles


According to wooden toggles dating back 15,000 BCE, the first outerwear to be designed and sewn were capes made with fur. Over time, the fashion industry has seen the creation and evolution of various men’s jacket styles. Some styles have stood the test of time, and others have inspired new trends. Let’s examine the history of popular men’s jacket styles, including the famous Eisenhower jacket.

Eisenhower Jacket

Dickies, the established bibs overalls manufacturer, created the Eisenhower jacket back in 1922. It ‘s among the first work jackets designed to meet the growing demand for functional garments.

The jacket is named after General Dwight D. Eisenhower, who gave the World War II army uniform a functional makeover. He found the pre-existing army uniform unsuitable for combat and adjusted the jacket to be light and unlined without compromising on its look. 

The Eisenhower jacket rose to fame and became an integral piece of clothing for many subcultures. It also wove its way into mainstream fashion, and everyone, including fashion icons, brewers, musicians, and top jewelers, don the jacket.

With such a minimal design, the Eisenhower jacket is super versatile. You can dress it up or down to fit any occasion. It is a perfect choice for making a short person appear taller because longer-fitting coats make people appear shorter. Further, the jacket is an excellent layering option; you can wear it as an under or overlay during the cold season.

The Peacoat

Peacoats originated in the Netherlands in the 1600s. They are among the most popular short jackets for men. The traditional color for peacoats is navy because the Royal navy and American Navy adopted the jackets. 

The multiple pockets on the jacket make it a convenient choice of outerwear. Moreover, peacoats are long-lasting since they are made for harsh seafaring environments. The best kind are those made with 100% wool or a majority-wool blend. The modern peacoat has only six buttons which you can button up to your chin. The 8-button or 10-button peacoat is a better pick for windy or cold weather.

The Bomber Jacket

Different air forces used the bomber jacket, which came to prominence in the 1910s, around the world during World War I. They were originally made with leather but are now available in other materials that are practical for contemporary lifestyles. 

You can pair the bomber jacket with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual, everyday look. The jacket’s waist cuffs and tapered hands will give you a flattering silhouette. Moreover, it is a prime choice for in-between seasons as you can layer it. Be sure to choose a water-proof design to remain protected from the elements.

The Trench Coat

The trench coat is stylish, practical, and rugged, attributes most men look for in clothing items. The coat’s exact origin has yet to be discovered, but is clear that by 1890 it was already being manufactured. 

The trench coat is iconic, and people from different walks of life love its stylishness and practicality. 

Most of a trench coat’s features increases its functionality. For instance, the belted closure offered officers a place to hang whistles, grenades, and spare ammunition. The buttoned vent is another practical feature that was added to keep off rain and snow.

You can get a trench in black, gray, navy blue, or tan for a sophisticated and mysterious look. The traditional colors for a trench coat are tan, camel, and khaki, as it blends with the British World War I field-dress uniform.

The Suit Jacket

Suit jackets came to life in the early 1900s as a replacement for the dressier morning and frock coats that men wore in the previous century. The jackets were mostly worn with straight pants. By 1920, the jacket evolved to slimmer versions, and men embraced lighter hues than the traditional navy, charcoal, and black.

In the 1940s, the suit jacket’s style became much simpler than the 1930s broad-shouldered design. Today’s suit jackets borrow from the 1920s and 1960s look with a slim cut that suits our contemporary lifestyle. 


A jacket, in whichever style, is a wardrobe essential for a man. Although owning all the popular jacket styles would be better, you can have just one or two versatile and practical options. Are you a man looking to improve your style but have no idea how to go about it? Contact us for personal wardrobe consultations.

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