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Stroll Through Campus in Style With These Fall Fashion Essentials

Young man wearing a leather jacket outdoors for fall fashion week.

From waking up super early to get to class on time to missing some classes and every other thing in between, shopping does not top an average college student’s to-do list. However, this does not mean students don’t want to stroll through campus in style. Dressing right for fall means being able to walk the fine line between warm and cold. This period is touted as the top season for fashionable individuals, and we can help you boost your style game. So, without further ado, below are some college wardrobe essentials that will help to keep you fashion-forward and comfortable this autumn. 


There are numerous ways to wear leather, and this is the perfect outfit to achieve a mysterious yet chic aesthetic. Consider, for instance, leather jackets that can help you keep warm while staying stylish. Furthermore, leather helps to insulate and hold heat, even during the coldest autumn days. 

A flight or bomber jacket is one of the hottest leather trends you can take up while going around campus. Pair it with a nice pair of jeans, or go for something more comfortable, such as a sweatshirt or jogger leggings. 


The thing with neutrals is that you can never go wrong. From beige to cream, black, gray, white, and brown, plenty of even colors have been popular this year. A peculiar trend we have particularly noted is the combination of a neutral trench coat with a pair of baggy jeans. This look displays an unmatched level of effortlessness that will leave you grabbing the attention of anyone you walk past. 

The other added advantage that comes with neutrals is that they are versatile. For instance, the white camisole or t-shirt you spent this summer with can perfectly rhyme with the autumn mood. Looking to keep it casual as you walk to class? How about putting on a light-colored crew neck and layering it with a white T-shirt and your best pair of jeans? This is an effortless style that still ensures you look trendy.  


Layered lace tops have become a key fashion piece and could be just what you need to stay fresh this fall as you stroll around. This simplistic look ensures that you stay trendy without feeling overdoing anything. 

One great way to incorporate lace into your daily fall outfits is to go for a loosely fitted lace top and pair it with a basic white camisole. With the boho chic aesthetic having made a comeback in recent years, this is the best way to remain in style this season.


There’s no better sweater weather than the fall! And the good thing is that there are plenty of sweater designs to choose from today. Think of sweater dresses to chunky cropped cardigans as you look to get fancy all over the campus. 

The one thing to remember is to ensure you keep warm during the colder days.  There are endless ways to style your favorite cozy cardigans and cashmere sweaters. You simply need to select the knit and material that are right for you.

The fashion industry has always been fascinated by oversized knit sweaters. Oversized sweaters match perfectly with skinny jeans and leather leggings. Therefore, grab a cozy, snug, big sweater, and keep the tradition alive this fall!

A Statement Coat

Statement coats are exactly what they sound like – clothing items that center around your outfit. Classic examples include a quilted style or duster. The most amazing thing about such looks is you can rock foundational pieces underneath, releasing the pressure to style your whole outfit.

Because coats can be very pricey, purchasing secondhand can help you save a lot of money. Visit the vintage market for popping colors, quirks, and fabrics. The secret is to purchase a coat that starts conversations.


When the fall arrives, you can never go wrong with denim! Even if you want to don a high-fashion dress, there is a pair of sharp-looking denim jeans to match it. For your college denim collection this autumn, have some classics like skinny picks and comfort selections. If you are willing to push it, you could add some distressed versions or cropped straight-leg silhouettes. 

Get Your Fall Style On at Family Britches

When it comes to style, we have perfected the art of matching the best clothes for any occasion at Family Britches. This fall, we can help you stay trendy and be one of the most well-dressed people at your college. Contact our fashion gurus today to know more about how to wear and look trendy this fall. 

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