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A Guide to Shopping After Weight Changes

Tailor fitting a suit to a model after a weight change.

Every person goes through a weight change at least once in their lifetime. For some people, weight fluctuations are regular while others are caught unawares. While reasons for weight changes can be different, the results are usually the same. You need a new wardrobe.

If you are used to buying clothes for a specific size, the adjustment to the new weight can be a challenge. Knowing how to go about shopping when this happens is key to achieving peace of mind and avoiding unnecessary expenses. Let’s take a closer look at the shopping process that follows a weight change.

Where to Begin

Finding out that your existing clothes no longer fit can be overwhelming and frustrating. Thankfully, you can leverage shopping to alleviate at least some of this stress. Begin by evaluating your wardrobe to find out what fits and what doesn’t. Most likely, you won’t have to replace everything.

Next, ask yourself what your immediate clothing needs are. Chances are, you used to have more clothing than you really needed. You can take this opportunity to minimize waste.

Do you need dress trousers to go to the office this week or a casual sweater for a family dinner tomorrow? That’s an excellent place to start. Once you buy the essentials, you can go further to replace your wardrobe a few items at a time.

Visit a Tailor

Many people avoid going to the tailor because it seems time-consuming and expensive. In reality, working with a tailor can be highly fulfilling. While it may take up a few minutes of your time, this collaboration can provide valuable information.

A tailor takes precise measurements of your body in order to ensure a perfect fit. Even if you never use the services of this professional again, these measurements can help you choose well-fitting clothing in the future.

Many online clothing stores provide dimensions of their products. Knowing exactly what your measurements are can help you make the right choice.  

Choose a Designer

Each clothing manufacturer has a special approach to sizing. This causes significant confusion when shopping in several stores simultaneously. In one place, you look excellent in “medium,” while failing to fit into a “large” in another.

The best way to adjust to a weight change is to find a knowledgeable clothing associate who can find the brand or designer that has the perfect size for your body type. Once you do, you can keep buying there without worrying about sizing fluctuations. If one “medium” item from this brand fits you well, you can be relatively sure that another “medium” from their collections will fit too.  

Buy an Investment Piece

Whether you are stressing about the weight change or celebrating it as an achievement, consider buying an investment piece. It can be anything from the suit you’ve always wanted or a coat that looks perfect on your new figure.

An investment piece kills two birds with one stone. It gives you something truly fashionable to shine in regardless of weight and also serves you well for many years to come. You are investing in your emotional balance and adding a high-quality garment to your wardrobe.

Be Careful With Patterns and Prints

Patterns are always tricky. Some can make you look larger than you’d like while others create an accent on a part of your body you’d rather not bring out.

The rule of thumb is to avoid large prints and patterns unless you look absolutely fabulous in them. This goes for any print, from polka dot to plaid. The larger the element, the more attention it attracts to the body part it’s on.

If you’ve gained weight, you may want to look at diagonal lines that create a slimming effect. If you’ve lost a few pounds, you can consider horizontal lines.

Make a Bold Move

When it comes to clothing, both weight gain and weight loss can create an exciting opportunity. Some clothes that have never suited you before could become accessible. While it may seem comforting, sticking to an old style with a new weight is not always a good idea.

Consider buying at least one item that you’ve always wanted to wear but never could before. From a designer scarf to stretch jeans, making this bold move won’t just improve the shopping experience. It will allow you to discover new fashion horizons.   

Get Your New Wardrobe at Family Britches

A weight change is an excellent opportunity to get a new wardrobe that truly fits. At Family Britches, we have a wide selection of brands and designers that offer high-quality garments for any occasion.

To find out how our clothes can help streamline your style after a weight change, please contact us today.

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