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Forget Fast Fashion: How to Build a Wardrobe That Lasts

Building a wardrobe made from custom-tailored clothing.

In the world of fashion. There are two approaches to building a wardrobe. You can chase the latest trends, tossing out clothes when they are “out of season,” or slowly and thoughtfully building a wardrobe of timeless styles that will make you look good for years.

Building a wardrobe that lasts is all about forgetting fast fashion. You can pick up a few pieces from the latest designer releases. Your choices should be based on what they add to your overall wardrobe instead of mindlessly following trends and throwing them away just as quickly.

Leaving Behind Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion is the idea that you should always wear the latest and abandon styles just as quickly. It is the idea that you should never wear the same dress to two different parties, or be seen in a print that was popular last year. Fortunately, most people mature past fast fashion as they mature gracefully into adulthood. Fast fashion may be fine for teenagers who are growing so quickly that they phase through clothing anyway. However, the value of a more timeless and lasting wardrobe comes with maturity.

Sustainability Concerns

In addition to the inconvenience and expense of fast fashion, it’s also important to remember that throwing away out-of-season clothes is wasteful. In a time when sustainability is a paramount priority, finding clothes that last is far more important than wearing only the runway latest.

Building a Timelessly Flattering Wardrobe

The best strategy for any adult looking to build an elegant yet functional wardrobe is to plan for the long term. You are looking not for the latest trends, but for timeless styles where every piece flatters your shape and complexion. Also, you can combine pieces in different ways to create unique outfits that all reflect your style.

Timeless wardrobe selection involves more conservative choices, such as button-down shirts and knit sweaters that combine well with other layers. Women benefit from a few skirts and blouses that can make any outfit a little more dressy. Also, the dresses that never go out of style. Men and women benefit from form-flattering trousers for a business-casual look and a few pairs of nice jeans for well-dressed adventures.

Dress shirts are a staple for men and make nice business-casual overshirts for women. But you should also keep a few nice-quality T-shirts and polos for casual events where you still want to look your best.

Custom Tailored Clothing That Lasts for Years

Another important consideration is the quality of each piece you add to your wardrobe. High-quality fabrics, design, and construction of each piece of clothing will make a difference in how well it holds up over the years. You may wear a shirt of tightly woven fabric and well-constructed seams a few times a year for a decade or more. On the other hand, a tissue-thin event t-shirt may fall apart after just a few wearings.

Even lightweight women’s clothing can last when you consider the quality.

There are three ways to ensure your clothing is well-built and will become a long-term part of your wardrobe. The first is to avoid fast-fashion pieces where the manufacturers know you will throw away the piece in a season or two. These tend to have lighter stitching and are often made of the flimsiest material that will support the style.

The second method is to touch and examine clothing bought off the rack. Your hands can often tell you more than your eyes in terms of the quality of fabric and seams.

The third is to have your clothing put together by a custom tailor known for their quality work.

Building a Wardrobe One Piece or Outfit at a Time

Building a wardrobe that is built to last is not assembled in a single shopping trip or fashion season. It comes together over time and is usually most successful with trained sales associates. They can help you select options that are best suited to your needs, body type, and coloring. You may discover the perfect-fitting polo and buy five of them in different colors to populate casual outfits for years. Or you may have one formal outfit custom-tailored. Once that outfit joins your wardrobe, you can pull it out when you’re ready to impress at future formal occasions. You can also mix the pieces to enhance other formal ensembles.

Men often discover the perfect brand and size for daily dress shirts and slacks. Women often select one timeless and flattering piece from each fashion season and combine it with many different outfits in the future. This has been a hot trend for a short time and an elegant addition to their wardrobe for years.

The key is to learn how to identify quality, what looks and feels best on you, and assemble your wardrobe based on those values. In a few years, you will have a comprehensive wardrobe of timeless and flattering clothing. This will represent your style and look good compared to any fast fashion trend.

Custom Tailored Timeless Fashions With Family Britches

At Family Britches, you will find timelessly fashionable ensembles of lasting quality, ready to become long-term elements of your growing wardrobe. We also offer custom-made-to-measure tailoring so that every piece fits you perfectly when it arrives and flatters your form for years of elegant outfit assembly.

Whether you are looking for business casual, formal, or adventure-ready attire that is made to fit and built to last, Family Britches is a valuable source for timeless wardrobe building.

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