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Best Tips on How to Dress for Cold Weather Without Sacrificing Style

Best Tips on How to Dress for Cold Weather Without Sacrificing Style

Staying fashionable in extreme weather is always hard, especially when it is cold. The need for warmer and heavier clothing takes precedence during the colder months. It is crucial to have a little outfit inspiration for such seasons. In this article, we have provided essential tips on how men can dress for cold weather without sacrificing style. Keep reading to learn more.

Invest in the Best Quality Fabrics for Cold Weather

Fabrics are a huge game-changer for keeping warm during the cold seasons. While some men forego quality for affordability, it is crucial to get the best quality fabrics. There is a good reason why cashmere sweaters are more expensive compared to other blends. Invest in at least one or two quality knits and woolen sweaters that are able to keep you warm by trapping heat. Heavy knit sweaters are stylish and are great when layering.

Cotton is also the backbone of the clothing industry and makes the majority of apparel. Men’s cotton flannel shirts are great for cold seasons as they are able to trap some heat. Not only are they relatively soft and easy to clean, but also inexpensive and durable.

Wear Insulated Jackets

Wondering what insulated jackets are? Well, these are coats filled with insulating materials to keep you warm during cold temperatures. They can be worn as an outer layer or underneath a waterproof jacket when it’s raining. There are three broad varieties of insulated jackets, synthetic insulation, down insulation, or a combination of the two. All these are stylish and able to trap enough heat.

Note that insulated jackets are not a replacement for waterproof jackets unless specified. Heavy rain may compromise the insulating properties, which makes them ideal for dry or a little damp cold weather.  

Cover Your Head, Neck, and Hands in Cold Weather

While most men often ignore this, protecting your head, neck and hands is essential. Failure to cover them makes us feel cold all over the body. Here is what you need to wear to cover these parts.

The Head

You can use a watch cap to protect your head from cold. For instance, you can choose one from knit fabrics in neutral colors like black or grey.

The Neck

Wearing a scarf is a great way to protect yourself from the cold while staying stylish. Scarves come in different sizes and lengths. You can tie them around your neck in various styles based on your preferences.

The Hands

The obvious choice for keeping your hands warm is wearing gloves. While most men’s gloves are made of leather alone, they are not practical in the cold. We recommend investing in gloves with in-built insulation and longer cover up to the wrist area.

Learn the Art of Layering for Cold Weather

Learning the basics of layering is very important to anyone passionate about style and fashion. Appropriate layering from an aesthetic standpoint involves blending different warm fabrics into a seamless and stylish look. The following guidelines will help you achieve this.

Each Layer Should Be Something You Can Wear on Its Own

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a specific piece in your ensemble alone, it will be inappropriate when layering. The exceptions here could be the undergarments, but anything visible should be worn on a standalone basis or with a jacket.

Ensure the Outer Hems Are Longer Than the Inner Ones

When your outer hems fail to cover the inner ones, you risk looking confused. Imagine your dress shirt sticking out from your under-sweater. It does not seem right! Always wear your attire appropriately for an outstanding look.

Scale Your Patterns Progressively

Pattern scaling is among the best ways to layer. You can start with the small patterns to large ones, e.g., wearing a micro-checkered shirt and then a solid sweater or overcoat.

Limit Your Ensemble to at Most Two Colors

When you choose to dress boldly, avoid too many colors. The secret is to accentuate your subtle or neutral tones with at most two louder colors. This gives you a professional look for any occasion.

Learn More About Dressing for Cold Weather

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