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8 Color Combinations for a Man’s Capsule Wardrobe in the Fall

8 Color Combinations for a Man's Capsule Wardrobe in the Fall

Most men are convinced that the ability to dress well should bother women more. Well, that may hold depending on the personal level of conviction, but mastering the art of color combinations can enhance your appearance immensely. Pairing the right colors together creates a holistic, harmonious image that matches the mood and situation, delights the eye, boosts confidence, and tells others who you are in a capsule wardrobe in the fall.

The major component of dressing well and giving your style a boost begins with choosing what goes into your capsule wardrobe. You can have expensive shirts, jackets, and ties from the most fashionable and high-end designers, but the outfits may not create the desired effects if you fail to pair the most appropriate colors.

At Family Britches, we focus on boosting your capsule wardrobe to help you achieve a complete and balanced look. We have outlined several color combination ideas all men should know to match their look with their personality, mood, and situations.

8 Color Combinations to Stretch Out Men’s Capsule Wardrobe in the Fall

1. Colors That Complement Navy Clothes

When wearing navy clothes, it is good to avoid black ones because they can make your overall look appear too dark. Instead, you can choose beige or white clothes to lift the appearance. For example, navy trouser with a white shirt gives a clean and classic look. Soft pink and light shades of blue can give navy a winning combination of a similar tone. Some touches of red or maroon can also complement the navy blue suit.

2. Colors That Complement Green Clothes

The Green color is versatile and can be a great addition to your capsule wardrobe. The common flattering green shades that most gents prefer are dark green, khaki, and olive tones. They keep most combinations simple and free from clashing on most occasions—for example, black pairs perfectly with black. White, brown, and other tones like navy and burgundy can also partner well with green to give a great look.

3. Color Combinations That Complement Burgundy Clothes in a Capsule Wardrobe in the Fall

Burgundy can be tricky to match but appears seriously stylish with the right combination. Unlike shades like white and black, burgundy is more restrictive on what it should rock with. However, tricky doesn’t mean impossible. Burgundy shades have several fantastic options. It creates a flattering and timeless appearance with navy and gray clothes. It also creates a great look with neutrals like gray, white, black, and brown.

4. Color Shades That Complement Red Clothes

Red is a primary and bold color that can be perfectly balanced with neutral shades. When you want to wear red, you can partner it with white to create a bright and fresh appearance or black for an edgy one. This hot hue can also be balanced with navy for a classic and flattering look.

5. Colors That Complement White Clothes

White shades combine well with various hues, especially when worn moderately. When worn frequently, it requires thoughtful color combinations to create a great look. It partners well with cool tones like navy, light blue, and black. Neutral colors like sand and beige also make a distinctive look with white, especially when worn in warmer months.

6. Colors That Complement Black Clothes

Black is one of the most beloved colors because of its versatility. It can partner well with almost all hues. However, some colors appear greater than others in black shades. For example, white creates a traditionally stylish combination that balances dark and light. Isn’t that great? Black also combines well with light tones like baby blue and pink. It also creates a striking accent when partnered with bold shades like red.

7. Colors That Complement Gray Colors

Grey is a light tone that perfectly combines with other light tones. The combination mostly suits official codes, but can also feature casual occasions. It partners best with soft pink, light blue, and white. The dark gray shades look great with white. Grey can also be complemented with selected dark tones like burgundy and black.

8. Colors That Complement Brown Clothes

Unlike most hues, brown is very restrictive and requires you to consider several shades to make it stylish. For example, light brown shades like camel and tan combine best with light shades like light blue, cream, and white. On the other hand, dark brown shades pair best with neutral colors like white. They also give flattering appearances with rich tones like burgundy, deep green, navy, and black.

Find Color Combinations for a Men’s Capsule Wardrobe in the Fall at Family Britches

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