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6 Early Fall Tips for Men: When It’s Too Cold for a Shirt and Too Hot for a Sweater

6 Early Fall Tips for Men: When It's Too Cold for a Shirt and Too Hot for a Sweater

Most people enjoy the year’s hottest months during summer. However, it is essential to consider what to wear when fall arrives. While men have plenty of clothing when the cold weather kicks in, fashion-forward men often look to step up their personal style game.

With fall ideal for multi-functional, lightweight, and cool style outfits, here are essential tips for men’s clothes during early fall.

Wear Heavier Fabrics With an Interesting Pattern

Heavier fabrics, weighing 12 oz/350 grams of cotton, can be an excellent choice for men’s clothing in early fall. For instance, you can wear gray flannel fabrics for businesses or dark brown or tan flannel fabrics for less formal suits. Men who prefer special, formal suits, such as a brown flannel glen plaid suit, can find heavier fabrics ideal for their style. Typically, heavier fabrics with patterns can provide the warmth needed following summer, but not too warm.

Mix Color, Texture, & Patterns for Early Fall

Early fall outfits provide countless options for men to experiment with color, pattern, and texture matching. This is due to the range of low-key colors. However, since it is easier to ruin the style, matching all these aspects requires subtle harmony for a better style. For instance, you can combine a sports coat in dark blue, a bright purple boutonniere, mid-blue and brown plaids, and a faux-madder pocket square greenish gray with yellow and orange symmetrical patterns with a bright color shirt to create a perfect fall formal wear.

Consider a Color Bottom With a Neutral Top

After dressing in bright colors during summer, keep colors grounded to neutral in early fall by wearing color on the top and bottom. The cooling temperatures require matching jeans or olive-green pants combined with classic colors that coordinate with the shirt perfectly. For instance, the olive color is neutral, especially when combined with color tops or wearing color bottoms with neutral tops.

Rock in Comfy Pants

Early fall often involves calm weather, which is not too cold or too hot, ideal for oxblood, gray, or ocher color pants. These pants highlight the end of summer and the start of chilly days, heading to winter. Combine these pants with a shirt, a jacket of your choice, and suede shoes or sneakers to refine your look. If the weather is still warm, consider wearing loafers without socks to create a no-socks look.

Some styles you can adopt include ocher pants with brown shoes and a gray sweater. You could also try navy trousers combined with amber loafers and a light gray long-sleeve shirt. Try khaki joggers combined with a striped sweater. Lastly, try oxblood trousers with a gray jacket and an ocher shirt for retro chic.

Early Fall Looks With Jeans

Jeans are the origin of any wardrobe for men and women looking for a perfect outfit for early fall. Whether blue, white, gray, navy, or black, men can pair jeans with a classic white t-shirt or a printed shirt for a long sleeve. This outfit can also combine well with a moto, military jacket, or sweater when the weather becomes chilly. However, it is crucial to maintain fall colors to highlight the season.

Some looks men can acquire with jeans in early fall include navy jeans with a white t-shirt, brown shoes, and an olive gray shirt; black ripped jeans with a white shirt, white chucks, and a gray sweater; blue jeans with a dark gray shirt, and an olive gray military jacket; blue jeans with white sneakers, a white t-shirt, and a blue moto jacket; and navy jeans with ocher boots and a white long-sleeve.

Reorganize Your Closet

During summer’s scorching, most people turn to light clothing and forget about long-sleeved shirts, leather jackets, coats, scarves, gloves, and earmuffs. However, changing your wardrobe is vital to prepare for the colder months that start in fall.  Reorganizing your wardrobe in early fall helps keep your outfit visible while keeping aside what you may not wear. These include shirts, sports coats, shoes, pants, and tie collections. The intent is to access early fall clothing faster and match them correctly before the weather becomes colder.

Find the Right Early Fall Outfit for You

When preparing for the chilly weather, choosing the right outfit to conquer the cold after summer is essential.  This begins with having the right early fall clothing to help you get started, especially for men looking to stand out with their personal looks. At Family Britches, we can help you get more insights into men’s early fall outfits, including our early fall clothing in our collection. Contact us to find the right outfit for early fall today.

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