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4 Guaranteed Color Combinations for Dressing for the Office

4 Guaranteed Color Combinations for Dressing for the Office

The colors you choose to wear can say a lot about you. Combining colors with style can be tricky. It’s easy to default to comfortable blues and grays and not experiment with color. There is room to play with color in your style without going overboard. Here are some guaranteed color combinations you can try for professional business looks. 

Different Color Combinations to Try

There are many ways to add color to your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at the safest options for varying the colors you can include in your style.

The Right Color Combinations for You

Did you know that certain colors look better with different skin tones? Of course, the colors you choose to wear will depend on your personal style and preferences. However, the unique color and undertones of your skin, hair, and eyes impact how different colors look on you.  You should know what colors will work best for you. Knowing what colors look best on you can be a starting point for styling with more color. 

1. Neutral Colors

Neutrals were in style in 2021, and continue to be a great choice for dressing in 2022. They offer timeless colors that pair with endless combinations. Neutrals cover a whole range of muted colors that can say a lot with less color. Think of beige, tan, and nude colors, as well as whites and grays. Combining neutrals offers a polished and clean look. Light neutrals convey a warm and summery feel, while cooler neutrals transition well into fall and winter. Dressing in neutrals is a safe way to start experimenting with adding color to your wardrobe, especially if you’ve mostly worn just black and white before. 

2. Complimentary Colors

Way back in elementary school, you learned about the color wheel, primary colors, and complementary colors. You can use these same principles to develop a fashionable wardrobe that incorporates different colors.  Using complementary colors is a safe way to combine colors without worrying about clashing or off-putting combinations. Start with a color that you already enjoy or have in your closet. Then go to the opposite side of the wheel to find the color that is its complementary pair. For example, a lilac dress shirt can look striking paired with trousers that have different shades of gray. Light blue is also another great complementary color for most men’s wardrobes. 

3. Monochromatic Colors

Another way to add color and remain professional is to create a monochromatic outfit. This means you will choose one color, and experiment with the value and saturation of that color. Value is how light or dark a color is. This determines the shade of the color. Saturation is how intense or “bright” a color is. A color with low saturation will be muted, and with high saturation, it will appear vibrant and bright. Pastels are an example of colors with low value and low saturation. Jewel tones are high value and have low saturation. 

Creating a monochromatic outfit is easy, and you can start with signature pieces you may already own. One timeless look is to pair a navy jacket and pants with a pale blue dress shirt. You shouldn’t discount colors like brown or gray for sharp monochromatic looks. A regular pair of brown pants can look great paired with a tan shirt, or vice versa. Gray is a bit trickier to style because of how many variations the human eye can see. A heather gray accent item is a great starting point for an outfit because it incorporates many different shades of gray.  

4. Matching Prints and Solids

Adding some prints to your wardrobe is a fun way to add color and vary your look. You want to be sure that the print you use to style is appropriate for your office atmosphere. Loud tropical prints are great for vacation or casual Friday, but not for everyday business wear. Even though Hawaiian shirts are out, floral prints have been growing in popularity for men’s fashion. The timeless option for adding prints to your wardrobe is with plaid. Plaid offers endless color and pattern combinations, which makes it great for varying your wardrobe. The safest choice for adding prints to your business wardrobe is with small repeating patterns. These kinds of prints create interest and add color without being too loud. 

Get the Help of a Stylist for the Best Color Combinations

Adding color to your wardrobe can be intimidating. It can feel easier to stay safe with blacks and whites. These shades will always remain professional, but it’s possible to be colorful and professional. If you’re still worried about adding color and looking great, working with a stylist is a great investment. They can recommend the best choices for your skin tone, body type, and professional workspace. Contact us to find out how we can help you dress to your best and incorporate more color into your outfits. 

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