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One Stop Wedding Clothing

Lauren planned her wedding for June in Vermont. She wanted expert advice for the groom and father of the bride’s attire. She turned to her childhood hometown store.

They arrived from Boston on a Saturday morning in January. After sharing what they wanted, we went to work. Family Britches laid out swatches for them to review.

They made their choice and we discussed suit models. After trying a few, Asher and Lauren selected a royal color. 

We had the master tailor join our conversation and prepared an order. The father of the bride followed the same process.

The suit order was completed. A fitting was scheduled for the future.

Finally, Lauren and her mom asked if our tailor could fix their dresses.

The bride’s wedding dress was fitted by the master tailor and the mother of the bride’s dresses were fitted as well.

The results were big smiles and a sincere thank you all around!

Hi Barry,

I tried on the altered suit for the first time and it looks great. Thank you so much for all of your guidance through the process and for making it such an enjoyable experience. Below is a picture with the suit on. Thank you also for including a tie - they look very sharp together!
- Asher
asher wedding

PS. A Happy, Married Couple. Clothes by Family Britches.

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