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Wedding Outfit: How to Dress for a Theme Wedding

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When it comes to themed weddings, everyone wants to look elegant. However, with so many dress variations and wedding styles to choose from, settling for one wedding outfit over the other can be quite daunting. But, this doesn’t need to be. Once you figure out the wedding theme, you can move forward to create a custom-tailored, unique, and personalized dressing code that resonates with the special occasion. If you are still in doubt about which dress to wear, we have rounded up trendy outfit ideas for themed weddings, from a beach wedding to an elegant affair.

Garden Party Themed Wedding

An outdoor garden-themed wedding is always an intimate and casual ceremony. Ladies should choose a semi-formal dress in floral print or light pastel. For an outdoor summer wedding, go for breathable and flowy fabrics such as chiffon and seersuckers and sleeveless dress styles such as maxi dress, tulle gown, and more. The length of the dress may range from above knee-length, knee-length to maxi. For men, you can wear a semi-formal suit of any color apart from white, a dress shirt and tie. If you are attending an outdoor winter or fall wedding, you may need an outwear such as a cardigan, wrap, or dressy jacket, or a dress with long sleeves to keep you warm enough should temperatures fall. 

Black Tie Wedding

If the wedding invitation states ‘Dress Code: Black Tie,’ it’s time to up your game. Women can choose a formal floor-length gown that doesn’t reveal ankles at them if the event is strictly formal. You can also opt for a sophisticated cocktail dress or a satin mermaid gown that comes in a royal shade such as deep blue complemented with strings of pearls. For men, a black tux is timeless, no matter what time of the year to wear it. A black bow tie, black vest, or cummerbund is perfect for the occasion. Consider adding a self-toe bowtie and a pair of velvet loafers to complete a dapper look.

Beach Wedding

Beach weddings call for more comfy, relaxed, and casual dressing. A breathable dress, suit, or jumpsuit works perfectly for a formal beach wedding. A dress, formal romper, suit, or jumpsuit for semi-formal beach weddings is also great. If you wear a beachy dress, ensure it is either tea-length or maxi. Dressy sandals, wedges, and chunky heels are some of the footwear options to consider. For men, wear either a suit or long-sleeved shirt and tie with a jacket and slacks. Go for solid, lighter colors while avoiding black, cream, and white. You should also avoid denim and cotton t-shirts and only wear shorts or sandals if an event is explicitly casual. 

Destination Wedding

For destination weddings, don’t be afraid to wear bold colors and a pretty tropical print that suits your destination. Feminine, flirty and floral midi and mini dresses are a vibe that always works perfectly. You can also opt for blossoms if the season agrees with your choice. Another great option is choosing modern silhouettes and avoiding the head to toe embroidery. For example, instead of choosing a blouse with heavy embroidery on the front, opt for embroidered motifs on the sheer back. The most popular destination wedding outfit for men include a button-down shirt, slacks, and a suit or blazer. You can also wear a suit, or along with a sleeved shirt and tie with a jacket and slacks.

Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings are free-spirited events that call for a free-spirited look. For men, a casual suit in tan, blue, gray, brown, or light color in linen is great for a boho wedding. If it is a cold season, opt for a wool suit with some color or pattern to keep you warm while maintaining the right style. You can also opt for a suit and shirt without a tie if the event is non-formal. Another option is combining vest shirt sleeves with pants to get a distinctive look. For women, you can opt for long maxi dresses in gorgeous colors or floral print with great detail, such as blosan sleeves, tie waist, or a ruffled hem. You can also choose long skirts, jumpsuits, mini or midi dresses, suits, and pants. If the boho weddings are held outdoors and in sunny places, don’t forget to tug along a pair of sunglasses.

Traditional Formal Wedding 

Most traditional formal weddings have rigid dress codes. For women, go for a formal floor-length evening gown. Pair your dress with heels, matching jewelry, and an elegant clutch. For men, wear a tuxedo with tails, formal white shirt, bow tie, and white vest. Top up your look with formal footwear like oxfords or derby shoes.

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