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Wardrobe Essentials If You Go Straight From Work to Events and Dinners

Wardrobe Essentials If You Go Straight From Work to Events and Dinners

You go to work, and then once the clock hits 5:30, you’re out the door from work to events and dinners. You enjoy the drinks at happy hour, but it’s not long before you’re off again to a dinner party for your boss or another important person in your life.

Sound familiar? This is par for the course for many professionals—and we get it. But if you’re like us, packing an entire day’s worth of outfits into one bag isn’t ideal. And as for changing clothes in a bathroom stall? No, thanks—we’ll pass.

But there is a solution! We have found that certain items are perfect for keeping you comfortable at work and looking great at social events afterward. 

Our Top Tricks for Going From Work to Dinner in a Flash

You don’t have to go back home or even spend ages in the bathroom before heading to your next event. We’re here to help. With just a few simple additions, you can seamlessly create a new aesthetic and go from daytime professional to evening sophisticate, no problem.

Here are our top tricks for going from work to events and dinners in a flash:

Suits That Help You Make an Impression and Move Comfortably

A suit is a must-have for any man looking to step up a notch in the style department. Additionally, your go-to suit should be comfortable, well-fitting, and versatile enough to wear with different shoes and accessories. You want it to look good with a tie or without so that you can quickly transition from work to dinner or an event.

While most men tend to gravitate toward darker suits, black or grey, blue is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something that’s slightly more unique and eye-catching. Make sure the fabric isn’t too stiff to allow for comfortable movement throughout the day.

For instance, our collection has this year-round updated classic Italian suits in all wool. The wool fabric is soft and drapes well, so the suit’s lines won’t look too severe when you take off your jacket. Also, the suit will help you look polished enough for the office and cocktail parties, but it won’t be so formal that you’ll feel out of place at happy hour or a friend’s barbecue.

Dress in Shirts That Give You Options to Transition From Work to Events and Dinners

The right shirt will let you adjust your style without changing clothes. In most cases, this means choosing versatile shirts to work with both a tie and without one. The easiest way is to stick with solid white, blue, or lavender dress shirts.

If you want more options, however, consider shirts with mitered cuffs. These allow you to wear cufflinks when you need them but still look professional without them. They also allow you to swap out the buttons for dressier or casual ones. Consider wearing this white slim-fit non-iron dress shirt from our collection. It’s lightweight enough to wear under a suit jacket or blazer while working but can easily transition into the evening when paired with jeans. The best part is that it’s wrinkle-free, so it won’t look like you just got off work.

Shoes That Support Your Style (And Feet)

Whether you’re going somewhere by foot, train, or car, having comfortable shoes that look great is necessary. Good shoes can be expensive, so make sure you buy pairs that will get plenty of use. Our favorites include classic black leather oxfords and Suede Chukkas.

Ties and Accessories That Show Your Personality

You’re at a happy hour with your colleagues or clients, so it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your style. Rather than wearing your standard power tie, choose patterned ties. They pair nicely with our classic-fit white non-iron dress shirt, which will keep you looking crisp while the rest of your outfit shows off your personality. You can also add some of our other accessories to take this look up a notch, like socks or belts.

Grooming Products That Keep You Looking Fresh When You Go From Work to Events and Dinners

A few minutes in the bathroom can make a huge difference. Ensure you have an antiperspirant, cologne, and hair product. Deodorant is usually enough for a quick commute, but if it’s hot out or not wearing one already, an antiperspirant is a good idea. Don’t forget to throw some breath mints in your bag before leaving the office!

Find More Wardrobe Essentials to Go Straight From Work to Events and Dinners

So, there you have it: these are the closet staples you need for looking good on the job and feeling fabulous after.

We think you’ll agree that the pieces above can take anyone from drab to fab in minutes, whether your work event is a presentation, meeting, or even a night out with a client. Do you need any other wardrobe essentials for work-to-event days? Let our designers know your style or guide you!

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