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Essential Tips on Finding the Perfect Suit for Your Body Type

Essential Tips on Finding the Perfect Suit for Your Body Type

With a great suit comes confidence and respect both from the man in the mirror and the people you meet. However, even the finest suits in the market will not be good if they fail to fit you well. Whether slim, chunky, short, or tall, the secret is knowing how to dress your body type. Once you know your body shape, you can easily choose the perfect suit. We have outlined different types of men’s bodies and given tips on the styles that look best for each frame.

The Perfect Suit for a Rectangle

If your shoulders, waist, and hips are in one like, you have a rectangular body shape. Men with this body type tend to be tall, thin with long arms and legs. The goal is to make your shoulders appear wider and slightly beef you up without resorting to protein shakes.

 This calls for identifying the model and manufacturer that suits you best.  At Family Britches, we accommodate your wishes with our custom clothing made to your measurements. Here is what you need:

  • Wear suits and jackets that have more padding on the shoulders
  • Select a fitted appearance with tapered sides and back for your waist to appear narrow.
  • Go for single-breasted suits to draw the eye upward. The double-breasted suits will define the rectangle more since they draw the eye outward.  
  • Add layers for more bulk. 
  • You can wear a vest or a sweater over a shirt,
  • Wear dress shirts with bold colors and prints.  
  • Avoid horizontal stripes as they emphasize your width, just like double-breasted suits.

Triangle Shape 

Men with triangular body shapes have narrow shoulders and larger waists and hips. If you have this shape, you should go for suits that decrease the effect of a disproportionately larger lower half.  We have designs for men who need to look good but don’t know exactly how to do it. If this is your body type, here is what you need for the perfect suit:

  • Broaden your shoulders by choosing suit coats and jackets that are more structured.
  • Go for fitted single-breasted suits to draw the eye upward and have room around the waist.
  • Choose dark-colored suits with subtle prints like pinstripes or small checks.
  • Avoid belts with fancy buckles, as they will make your lower half more noticeable.
  • Wear pants with slightly tapered legs. Skinny or fitted slacks make your midsection appear larger.
  • Make striped shirts your friend. Horizontal ones widen your chest area, while vertical ones make you look taller.
  • Avoid tightly knit sweaters and shirts. They cling to the broad part of your body, drawing unwanted attention.

The Inverted Triangle

Do you have broad shoulders and chest, a long torso, and a smaller waist and hips? Well, you have an inverted triangle body shape. Your muscles look great, but you have trouble getting clothes to fit. You can achieve a perfect fit with the help of our old master tailors. Here is what you need:

  • Avoid wearing structured jackets and suit coats. You have broad shoulders that do not need padding. The double-breasted jackets are perfect for you, as they broaden your torso, making it appear more proportional to your shoulders.
  • Wear skinny ties and narrow lapels to draw less attention to the chest and shoulders
  • Go for fitted suits but be sure they provide a room to move comfortably and spread your wings.
  • Select pants with straight legs to balance your physique. Skinny pants tend to highlight the disproportion between your lower half and the shoulders.
  • Choose horizontal stripes to match your wide shoulders and broaden your torso.

The Perfect Suit for an Oval

You can easily spot a man with an oval body shape. Their midsection is broader than the shoulders and hips. Most of them have disproportionately slim short arms and legs. You need not worry if you are having a hard time finding clothes to fit in. We have models designed for your comfort. What you need:

  • Wear structured jackets and suit coats to broaden your shoulders.
  • Slightly tapered single-breasted suits are a perfect choice for you as they make you appear taller and less hefty.
  • Go for solid dark fabrics or colors with vertical stripes or small patterns. Horizontal stripes are not for you.
  • Wear slightly fitted pants but not tight, enough to drape well on your waist.
  • Choose dress shirts with a wide color spread to accommodate a large tie knot.
  • Avoid bulky sweaters and oversized clothing as they make you look bigger. You can wear casual shirts outside the pants as long as they cover the back and the belly without being tight or long.

The Trapezoid

Men with trapezoid shapes have proportional body parts. They have broad shoulders, trimmed waist, and narrow hips. The good news is that you can wear almost any style if this is your body type.

  • Play around with patterns, styles, and cuts. Flaunt your athletic body in a suit that is fitted and slim.
  • You can handle bold patterns and colors that other body shapes cannot, but ensure you stick to dark pants to keep your body proportional.
  • Emphasize your chest with horizontal stripes and elongate your frame with vertical stripes.

Where to Get the Perfect Suit for Your Body Shape

Are you looking for a perfect suit for your body shape? Check out Family Britches. We, indeed, understand the secret to getting a perfect fit for your shape is investing in custom-tailored clothing. Our professional tailors have the expertise and will guide you through the measurement process, choosing the right fabric, buttons, linings, and model.

Feel free to browse through our product page or visit our retail stores in Chappaqua, NY, and New Canaan, CT.  You can also contact us today for your wardrobe consultation and appointment.

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