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Greeley Sophomores Retail Warriors

I’d like to share with you a wonderful story of how three Sophomore’s from Horace Greeley have become integral employees of a local retail store.

Family Britches was looking for help as the pandemic was ending. Elliott Saiontz brought two friends and fellow Sophomores to our team. Almost immediately, their enthusiasm and willingness to tackle any job was a win-win for both sides.

An example, was there abilities to assist us in taking photos for our web site, uploading same to the computer program that integrated the photos and the site for marketing and on-line selling.

They became more comfortable with each passing training day and are now able to approach and assist customers, do stock work and much more.

As a former teacher, my partner and I saw the possibilities to teach and mold these Greeley students. Let me recognize them, Elliott Saiontz, Asher Moss and Lucas Duran.

We believe this program could be helpful to other students and the retail community. Consider the possibilities to learn and interact with the business environment. They learn so many things in school but this practical, hands-on interaction, teaches them to use the skills they apply to their school work and develop their interpersonal capabilities while learning about a small business.

First and foremost, we thank the teachers, administrators and parents who have worked diligently to impart the values that these boy’s epitomize.

We are proud to have them as members of our family and wanted to share their success with you.

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