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So Long Winter: How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe to Spring

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Spring may be many people’s favorite time of year. However, deciding what to wear during the weeks between typical winter and spring weather is not always easy. Days that start with chilly mornings and jump twenty degrees by late afternoon can make it hard for a single outfit to work well all day. Choosing the right fabrics and focusing on layers can make dressing for the weather significantly easier. Here are some of our favorite ideas for creating comfortable and fashionable transitional outfits. These can help bridge the gap between warm and cozy winter favorites and lightweight picks that are perfect for the warm days of late spring!

Repurpose Your Favorite Winter Items for Spring 

Transitioning to a spring wardrobe does not usually require swapping everything at once. Especially if you live in a climate that is known for having significantly different temperatures within a single day. Here are some helpful tips for continuing to wear some of your winter favorites as winter turns into spring!

Lightweight Layers 

Focusing on thin layers can be a much better strategy for staying comfortable on days when temperatures change significantly. Light jackets or sweatshirts that were worn under a thicker coat during the winter months can become outer layers. Supplement your favorite sweater with a vest or long-sleeved button-down top. This can help add just the right amount of warmth during complex transitional weeks. Reducing layers in other ways can create similar outfits that are more appropriate for warmer weather. These include wearing regular tights under your favorite dresses instead of leggings or fleece-lined tights.

Swap Flannels for Lighter Button Downs 

Cozy flannels may have their place among your favorite fall and winter staples. However, they can quickly become uncomfortably warm as temperatures climb. Swap these thicker tops for shirts in a similar style that is made from cotton, thin denim, or another lightweight material. This can make it easier to continue wearing similar outfits well into the spring. 

Add New Pieces to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Warm Weather 

You will need to add at least a few new items to maximize your comfort during in-between weeks with significant temperature fluctuations. Here are three helpful tips to keep in mind when it comes to transforming your winter wardrobe into a spring one!

Bright Colors and Bold Patterns 

Replace the neutrals and darker colors that make up many winter wardrobes with brighter and bolder hues. This can transform the dull scenery of melting snow and emerging greenery. From vibrant yellow and bright blue to lilac, pale pink, and other pastels, adding ambitious colors to your spring outfits can go a long way toward brightening your mood. Adding floral prints and other eye-catching patterns can also be an excellent choice for adding a bit of whimsical fun to any spring day. 

Lighter Pants 

Swap your darkest jeans for pants that are lighter in both weight and color. This can be one of the fastest ways to make your favorite winter outfits look and feel more appropriate for spring. Lighter wash jeans, tan or white pants, and lightweight fabric can make the same top and shoes look more at home in a warmer season. Selecting thinner fabrics can make your pants more comfortable on days that are not quite warm enough. 

Spring Jewelry and Accessories 

The right jewelry and other accessories can be the perfect finishing touch to transitional outfits. Especially on days that are still too cool for the full spring outfit you wish you could wear. Add a floral necklace, mint green earrings, a light denim baseball cap, or lavender nail polish. These can go a long way toward creating the aesthetic appearance of a warm spring day. Even during weeks when your clothing needs to focus primarily on transitional outfits. 

At Family Britches, we are here to help you create fashionable outfits that are appropriate for the weather at any time of year. We know that staying comfortable as spring approaches is not always easy, especially on days with significant temperature fluctuations. However, many of our versatile pieces can go a long way toward creating transitional outfits that work well in a wide range of weather. Contact us today to learn more about making the best clothing choices or to browse our collection!

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