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How to Stay Stylish on Rainy Days

Couple, with rainy-day fashion in mind, walking on city street with an umbrella on a rainy day.

The steady pitter-patter of rain at your window may have you wondering what to wear and if dressing down is the order of the day. But just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you must sacrifice your style. Strategic layering for rainy-day fashion is key. And, believe it or not, quite a few stylish (and affordable) rainwear options are available. Here’s how to keep yourself fresh and dry.

Start With Raingear

The first order of business in rainy-day fashion is keeping the rain off your back. For men, that starts with a waterproof or resistant coat, trousers, and shoes or boots. Women can also wear trousers and boots but may swap outskirts for trousers and choose flats or heels for their footwear.

Your coat can be a classic bright color, which may be helpful if visibility is low and you must cross several streets. If you do, you should mute your outer layers to ensure your coat pops. A scarf and a stylish hat can keep your head, neck, and shoulders warm and dry and draw eyes to you.

When it comes to your lower half, choose dark colors to mask dampness and mute mud or grime that may splash on you. And avoid suede at all costs. That goes for everything from your coat to your shoes. Instead, choose leather for footwear. Leather shoes can help you look dapper and provide the protection your feet need in light and heavy downpours.

Picking Your Ensemble

Your trousers or skirt should protect you and set the tone for the rest of your outfit. Dark colors, like black, dark gray, and navy, are practical and can be properly accentuated with a bright or light top. A classic button-down or blouse in a light color or with fun patterns provides the perfect contrast and can liven up the day. Depending on the temperature outside and inside, a bright, light, or patterned cardigan can complement your outfit well. Keep your ensemble simple and practical with the appropriate layers and materials to keep you warm and dry.

Also, for practical purposes, consider pieces made of water-resistant fabrics, such as silk, and wool, and synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and polyamide for the outer and upper layers. On hot, rainy days, consider cotton and linen, which absorb water, for your inner layers, as they can also keep you cool. But avoid these fabrics for your outer layers and denim, which isn’t comfortable to wear when wet.

It’s also important to keep fit in mind. The tighter the clothes, the more uncomfortable they’ll be when wet. For this reason, it’s better to avoid wide-legged pants, and for women to pick skirts (with leggings or stockings), rather than long dresses. On rainy days, pick looser clothing that will dry quickly.

Complement With Stylish Accessories

Add a (water-resistant) watch to accentuate your wrist. A nice pocket square can provide even more color. If bright colors aren’t your cup of tea, consider setting your outfit off with a bold buckled belt. A fun necktie can also be your ensemble’s centerpiece. Avoid having too many bold pieces at once and ensure their colors coordinate rather than clash.

Of course, women can center their outfits around jewelry. Even an all-black outfit can stun with the right necklace. No matter the weather, your gold, non-plated silver or steel, titanium, and platinum jewelry won’t fade. Earrings, rings, and the right purse can help round out an ensemble.

As with your footwear, make sure your purse is water-resistant. PVC is common for waterproof accessories, but other materials, such as leather, can be treated with waterproofing agents. You have many options for rainy-day fashion. Remember that you’re not limited to jewelry and your purse to be fashionable. Make layers and contrasts work for you, and your accessories will be an afterthought.

And, neither men nor women should forget a good umbrella. Black is most common, but you can spruce things up with a colorful bubble umbrella to provide a bit more flair.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to rainy-day fashion, choose practical, darker pieces and complement them with color. If your closet doesn’t have what you need, Family Britches can provide you with the perfect pieces for inclement weather. Our virtual stylists can help you identify the right looks, and our tailors ensure a flawless fit. Whether you’re looking for trendy workday wear, casual yet stylish outfits, or fashionable accessories, we have the perfect piece.

Visit our website to see our selection, and contact us to be paired with a virtual stylist today.

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