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The Top 11 Menswear Trends for Fall 2021

The Top 11 Menswear Trends for Fall 2021

COVID-19 fueled the need for comfortable, fashionable yet professional men’s wear. Working from home is no excuse for being frumpy or unfashionable. Business casual clothes help you look professional and relaxed without having to try so hard. As the world becomes less formal, it’s crucial to have a versatile, minimalist wardrobe that fits all occasions. Here, we bring you the top 11 menswear trends for fall 2021.

Top Menswear Trends for Fall 2021

1. Textured or Non-Plain Button-Down Shirts

For this, we recommend the Caiden sport shirt, an all-cotton button-down collar sports shirt with tweener buttons. 

2. Dress Shirts

Look for dress shirts from manufacturers like David Donahue and Hagen. They design their shirts to be worn with sport coats, suits, and fashionable business casual menswear.

3. Sweaters

We have a striped crew sweater, which is best worn with collared shirts. It’s all wool, and its neutral stripes make sure it can go with anything.

You can also get the Slub striped cotton crew neck sweater. It’s made in Italy and with its signature smart casual weave, you’re bound to make a lasting statement this fall.

Holebrook has a line of sweaters/outerwear from Sweden. Kinross Cashmere, Peter Millar, Stenstroms, Codice, and Gran Sasso will keep you warm and appropriately dressed for business or pleasure.

4. Vests

These days, vests are the new sports coats and have made a name for themselves in the realm of fashionable accessories. You can get some amazing statement pieces from Peter Millar, Waterville, Stenstroms, and Patrick Assaraf.

5. Custom Fit Clothes

Made-to-measure clothing is important to give you the best fit. It allows you to get the most comfortable clothing with the best fabrics that are custom-fit for you. Visiting a qualified designer gives you unlimited possibilities and you only need one visit for all your needs. Get yourself some custom-made blazers, dress shirts, and slacks to give you a comfortable, relaxed wardrobe that fits your style. You can never go wrong with custom-fit clothes in your wardrobe.

6. Dark-Colored Jeans

You can hardly go wrong with dark colors. Dark-colored stretchy jeans will keep you warm and comfortable this fall, and they’re appropriate for the office. These versatile jeans pair well with loafers.

7. Colored Socks

Socks are a must-have in your wardrobe, especially if you have dress shoes. You need some neutral-colored, cotton-blend socks to keep your feet comfortable. You can also choose wool instead of cotton blends for extra warmth and to have that all-around business casual look this fall.

8. Loafers

A good pair of loafers is one of the first steps to a smart-casual wardrobe. Loafers help round up your business casual look, especially with a pair of dress slacks, dark-colored jeans, dress shirts, and a sweater or sports coat.

9. Dress Slacks or Chinos

Casual slacks are a must-have in your wardrobe. They are versatile, convenient, and comfortable. Get yourself some casual pants by Brax, Meyer, and Ballin. Each brings in different fabrics and silhouettes, giving you that relaxed, put-together look. They are comfortable and a great fit.

10. Leather Belts

When it comes to belts, quality trumps price hands down. You’ll need the Plain to Moc Grain, a bison fine leather belt with a silver buckle. They also come with a gold buckle option, if you’re feeling extra fancy this fall. This specific belt is made in the USA.

11. Athletic Wear

You can get an amazing activewear line by Vuori, Faherty, and Patrick Assaraf. They design comfortable, washable, and eco-friendly clothing, suitable for your work from home program. While not many offices recommend the gym meets office kind of clothing, it certainly won’t hurt to have some in your closet, since most employers are slowly realizing the vanity behind judging an employee by their wardrobe.

In many cases, men’s athleisure that’s appropriate for work is clothing made from neutral-colored stretch fabric, like knit henley shirts, plain v-neck tees, woven or knit pants, seamless polo shirts, knit bomber jackets, and wool sneakers. One example in our catalog is the ultimate Tecno pants, designed for unlimited mobility and comfort. It has anti-crease properties and has full shape retention. It’s also appropriate for any occasion.

Discover More Menswear Trends for Fall 2021

The point of this fashion choice is to feel comfortable, fashion-forward, neat, and focused. Layering is necessary this fall to avoid getting too sweaty or chilly.

Keep yourself fashionable and comfortable this fall by considering the options we’ve put down for you. If you have any trouble deciding or have any questions, contact us for a qualified personal stylist.

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