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5 of Our Favorite Unexpected Colors for Menswear

5 of Our Favorite Unexpected Colors for Menswear

The best way to revive a boring outfit is to introduce unexpected colors to the mix. This is especially true for the winter months since most men stay in safe colors like black, navy, or grey. Suits can be boring and restrictive in terms of creativity. They’re for the office or job interviews, not for going out and relaxing with friends or going on a date. Something more casual, with the right colors, is just what you need to stay stylish in the winter months.

Shades of Green

Winter is a season of dull colors, depending on where you live. There’s lots of brown, black, and grayish-white that cover urban landscapes. Green is the color that becomes all but absent during this chilly season. Green has a lot of shades, but emerald, pine, and olive are the go-to colors for casual wear in unexpected colors.

Something like the Douglas flannel shirt, from Family Britches, would work well with a pair of casual pants and a sports coat for a rugged, winter look. Wear this outfit while out with friends or running errands to stay stylish and comfortable. Something like an emerald green scarf and gloves can be used to accent a boring gray and brown outfit. The point is to use green to let you stand out and be noticed.

Orange to Brighten Things Up

The color orange is a color that is associated with seasons like spring or summer. It’s a bright, vibrant, lively color that can bring life to a dull outfit. Orange works best for accenting pieces like beanies, hats, gloves, socks, belts, or sweaters. So why wear it for a winter outfit? Well, orange can convey that you are fun, friendly, and creative.

Winter can be a drag on some people and wearing unexpected colors can be a fun way to liven things up. Try out a toned-down color of orange, like burnt orange, for a sweater or sports jacket. Pair this with a more traditional color like a pair of gray trousers to really stand out and lighten up the holidays for everyone.

Red: It Is the Holiday Season After All

Hot cocoa, gingerbread houses, last-minute gift shopping – all of these things can be related to the color red during the winter months. Colors like burgundy and purple are great for a wide array of skin tones. Wearing a red or burgundy sweater is an obvious option, but what about a red winter vest instead? Pair this with brown trousers, maybe red socks, with a pair of nice shoes and you have a great casual outfit that’s outside the box for the holidays. Wear this to a company holiday event or occasion out in town!

Classic Grey

There are some colors that are staples in any season or outfit. Grey is one of them and has already been touched on a bit. However, grey isn’t really considered to be a “color” in most circles. Grey is the absence of color and is great for making other, unexpected colors stand out. For example, a grey sports coat can help a colorful tie really stand out. Grey is a safe color to help the more vibrant winter or even spring colors make your outfit really stand out.

Brown. Yes, Brown.

Winter is a dreary season but it does bring out a lot of shades of brown. Now, colors like brown and green can be difficult for some skin tones, however, it’s still a great color if you can pull it off. Feelings of warmth, sitting by a fire, relaxing at home, or just being at peace are all conveyed by the color brown. For a casual outfit, brown is a safe color for when you think you need to tone it down a bit. It’s easy to get carried away with mixing and matching colors and brown can help rein your outfit in.

Wear brown trousers with a green sports shirt and your outfit gives a pleasant, earthly tone. This outfit goes well when going out to do some last-minute holiday shopping or dressing down a bit for work. Now, pair that same green sports shirt with bright red pants and you might have a mess on your hands. 

Looking to Freshen up Your Outfits or Get a Whole New Look With Unexpected Colors?

Finding great ensembles for the winter season can be difficult. Color and style shouldn’t be limited to a color swatch with only a few options. At Family Britches we offer great options that are more traditional for the season and some that add a bit of color. The ensembles, styles, and color options from Family Britches are great for a walk in the woods or for working in the office. 

To find out more, click here to contact us and see how we can liven up your outfit or get a new look!

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